How to Unlock the QXR SMG in Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 13

Season 13 of Call of Duty: Mobile is up and running and it has come with all the new features that the players experienced in its beta version. Season 13 has given the players, new maps, which include Snow Raid and Nuketown Russia, new weapons, including the QXR SMG and the Peacekeeper MK2 assault rifle, new credit store items, crates, bug fixes, buffs and nerfs and much more. Its battle pass is also one of the best out of all the seasons.

In this particular article, we will take a look at how you can unlock the new QXR SMG (Submachine Gun) through a new seasonal event in Call of Duty: Mobile called Run & Gun. So let’s begin!

QXR SMG Weapon – Overview

QXR - SMG in COD Mobile

QXR SMG is becoming more and more popular among the Call of Duty: Mobile players, since it is a great gun for short to medium range, and can absolutely shred anybody. Its fire-rate is not the fastest in the world but it is good considering the gun deals a lot of damage at the upper body. If you are taking a fight with an assault rifle in a close or even medium range, then you have a good chance of winning your gun fight with this weapon.

Run & Gun Seasonal Event – Overview

Run & Gun is the newest seasonal event in Call of Duty: Mobile and will continue for 33 more days. So, you have a lot of time to grab all the rewards, the event offers. Now, talking about the rewards, the ultimate one is obviously the QXR Submachine gun, apart from that, we have skins for different guns, credits, weapon XP card, and last but not the least, a frame.

Here are the pictures of all the rewards.

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How to Unlock QXR SMG

There are a total of eight challenges in the Run & Gun seasonal event that you need to complete in order to unlock the brand new Submachine gun. Below, we will be listing down all of the required tasks, along with the rewards they offer upon completion.

  • Kill twenty enemies in any mode (Rewards: Credits x200, Battle Pass XP x1000)
  • Kill thirty enemies with any SMG (Rewards: Knife – Pine Cone, Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Kill fifty enemies with any SMG (Rewards: Purple Weapon XP Card x5, Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Kill thirty enemies with any SMG equipped with any three attachments (Rewards: MW11 – Pine Cone, Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill thirty enemies with any SMG equipped with any four attachments (Rewards: Siberia Frame, Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill thirty enemies with any PDW-57 equipped with any two attachments (Rewards: Purple Weapon XP Card x10, Battle Pass XP x4000)
  • Kill twenty enemies with any PDW-57 equipped with any five attachments (Rewards: Cordite – Snowframe, Battle Pass XP x5000)
  • Kill twenty enemies with a cordite equipped with any three attachments (Rewards: QXR SMG, Battle Pass XP x6000)

Complete all the above listed tasks and you will have the QXR SMG in-game in no time. It will hardly take one or one and a half hour to wind up the Run & Gun challenge, since you only have to kill the enemies a specific number of times using different guns.

This was our complete guide about the Run & Gun seasonal event. We will be covering more guides like this as soon as other new seasonal challenges arrive in the game. Until then, unlock the QXR SMG and let us know if you like the new gun or not, in the comment section below.

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