SnowRunner Update 17.1 Patch Notes Out Now on July 5, 2022

Snowrunner Update 1.29

Saber Interactive has just pushed out the latest SnowRunner Update 17.1, and here are the complete patch notes for you. This new release includes various general fixes and improvements, and is now live on all the platforms. It doesn’t really bring any new features or content, but is mostly about minor changes and fixes.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding this SnowRunner patch notes for Update 17.1 is covered below. You should be able to download and install this patch right away. We do not yet have the file size of this release, but will add it here later.

SnowRunner Patch Notes: Update 17.1

Here are the official patch notes for SnowRunner Update 17.1 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:



  • Fixed a bug when sometimes subscribed MOD maps cannot be enabled
  • Fixed a bug related to convertation of the maps with custom assets


  • Optimized API calls to
  • Some minor cosmetic changes in content library
  • Added a warning message that savegames may be incompatible with previous versions
  • Render optimizations for Xbox Series
  • Localization fixes
  • Minor multiplayer, crossplay and UI bugs were fixed

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in hard mode during co-op session when trying to refuel a full truck at the fuel station results in deleting all the fuel from the truck’s gas tank
  • Fixed a bug with constant accidental crashes after some amount of hours of play during a saving process on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed a bug when markers (waypoint, loading marker, watchpoint, etc.) in the game are noticeably clipped when they are at the edge of the screen in windowed mode
  • Fixed a bug which could cause save game crashes on PlayStation
  • Fixed a bug with accidental crashes of the beginning of the game on any platform

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