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If you’ve played a Borderlands game, you’ll know that there are tons of builds that you can follow. Some builds are extremely good while others can make the game difficult for you. However, there are some builds that aren’t obvious to the player immediately, but after some trial and error, a new amazing build is born! That is why we will show you the best Stabbomancer and Clawbringer build for the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, also known as the pyromancer build for Souls fans.

This build allows you to shoot and cast spells at the same time to further enhance your damage output. Doing so will shred any enemy standing in your way. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at this build and class guide for the two most popular classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Stabbomancer and Clawbringer.

Stabbomancer / Clawbringer Build & Class Guide (Pyromancer Build)


To play the Stabbomancer, you must have the relevant skills and gear. This build allows you to clear out the endgame content easily as well since you will be dealing a lot of flesh damage. With that said, let’s take a look at the skills.

Stabbomancer Skills


For your skills, I suggest going for the Wyvern Companion with the Clawbringer class and selecting the Storm Dragon’s Judgement as your main skill. This skill will allow you to deal lightning melee damage for a short duration along with area lightning ability damage. The best part is that the cooldown is also quite less so you can use this skill constantly.

You should also max the Oath of Fire skill as it will allow your weapons to deal 32% bonus fire damage. At the same time, you also need to buff your elemental damage by leveling up the Dragon Aura skill. After these skills, you can level up any skill that you like based on your playstyle.

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For the Stabbomancer skill tree, I recommend maxing out the Arsenal skill as it will grant you 15% gun, melee, and spell damage. Secondly, going for the Potent Poison will be extremely useful as you’ll get +20% status effect damage and +40% status effect duration. You can level up any other skill you like in this tree but maxing out Exploit Their Weakness will give you a good damage boost you consider leveling it up as well.

Myth Rank

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Pyromancer Build - Stabbomancer Class Guide

In the Myth Rank, you’ll want to mainly focus on Deadeye and level up the gun damage skills. Along with this, getting the fire damage boost in the Archmage rank will also help out a lot. These are the two main things you want to rank up. Other than this, you can focus on whatever suits your playstyle the best.

Hero Points

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Pyromancer Build - Stabbomancer Class Guide
Strength42/42+40.0% Crit Damage
Dexterity25+30.0% Crit Chance
Intelligence10+0.0% Spell Cooldown
Wisdom12+4.0% Status Damage
Constitution13+7.5% Max HP / Ward
Attunement32+22.0% Skill Cooldown

As for your gear, the best route to take is to have fire-based primary weapons. Whether that is a shotgun, SMG, or assault rifle, just make sure that you get the fire variants. However, for your secondary weapons, getting some other element is highly suggested as it will help you diversify your build.

When it comes to attributes, putting points into Strength will be useful as it will increase your crit damage. Plus, make sure that you put a decent amount of points in Dexterity and Attunement as well since they will increase your crit chance and reduce skill cooldown respectively.

Keep in mind that leveling up to 40 points without the appropriate Myth Rank will not be possible. The Blademaster tree allows you to put additional 10 points in Strength after it has been maxed out.

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The remaining stats should be divided according to your playstyle. If you are having issues with HP, then level up Constitution. Otherwise, leveling Wisdom will be good as it increases the overall status damage. However, as aforementioned, this is purely dependent on your playstyle so it is up to you.

Alternate Secondary Class – Spore Warden

Stabbomancer Spore Warden

If you do not like the Clawbringer route, then I suggest going for the Spore Warden as your secondary class. This will allow you to have good utility alongside some sustain if your character dies in the middle of a tough fight.

Eagle Eye is a great starting skill to increase your gun damage. Since the main aim will be to land as many criticals as possible, Bounty of the Hunt will surely assist you in reducing the cooldown rate.

Bullseye will further help you increase the critical hit chance of your character and any companions as well.

Finally, you will want to invest in Medicinal Mushroom to get the chance of being revived by your companion. This can save you from a lot of sticky situations.


When talking about equipment, you can use whatever suits you best. Since Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – just like Borderlands – gives you tons of freedom to choose your gear, there are limitless choices.


Calamity Armor

There are tons of great armor choices in the game. However, I’m currently using the Calamity armor and it is amazing! Keep in mind that every armor has tons of different variants so it can be difficult to name them all. I got the Draugr’s Calamity of the Savage Pugilist and it offers +30% Melee Damage, +30% Max HP, and +30% Ability Crit Chance.

That’s not the main reason why I prefer this armor, though. Since we are focusing on a fire-based build, this armor allows you to increase Fire damage by 10% for each unique enemy hit for a brief time. Plus, it can stack up to 10 times which is insane!



Theurge is a great choice for the Amulet for Stabbomancer. When you cast a spell, it will give you a -20% Action Skill Cooldown. On top of that, it also grants you +30% Spell damage while the Action Skill is on cooldown


As for the enchants, I suggest two of them. The first one, ON SPELL CAST, will increase Melee Damage by 30% for 10 seconds alongside increasing Ability Damage by 30%, Gun Damage by 30%, Damage Dealt by 15%, and Elemental Damage by 20%.

The second enchant that you can use is WHILE ACTION SKILL ACTIVE. It will increase Companion Damage by 50% alongside increasing Elemental Damage as well.


Stabbomancer Spells

When it comes to Spells, I’m using the Arcane Bolt of Doubling Down. It allows you to reset the spell cooldown once you land a crit with it. Keep in mind that it doesn’t refund the entire cooldown, just a part of it. Better than nothing, to be honest! Additionally, it can heal you a bit as well which is always a welcomed addition.

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Cursed Wit

I am still uncertain about the best shield since I am trying out various items. However, the Cursed Wit seems to be quite good as it increases the damage dealt when your Ward is depleted. Combine this shield with Mood Ring, and you’ll increase the damage even further whenever your Ward is not full.

That’s everything you need to know about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands pyromancer / Stabbomancer build. We would love to hear your thoughts regarding this build. Let us know what you think of this build and what is your favorite build in the game.

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