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After a long period of waiting Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is finally out and with it many people are wondering the right class to pick for their preferred playstyles and how to get the most out of their favorite classes. Whether it be the mushroom and minion master “Spore Warden” or the Hammer wielding Clawbringer that smashes and stomps his enemies with a giant hammer.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers tons of unique options in terms of build diversity and unique synergies with every class and this includes the Clawbringer. The Clawbringer is a great class to pick if you prefer to be a jack of all trades that can control the battlefield both at close and medium range.

Clawbringer Class Guide (Melee)

Tiny Tina 3
Class FeatAction SkillsAction Skills
The Clawbringer is accompanied by a Wyvern Companion that flies through the environment and attacks enemies with its claws and Fire Breath.The Fatemaker summons their Hammer and slams it into the ground, dealing Melee Damage and creating a massive Fire Nova dealing Fire Ability Damage to nearby enemies.The Fatemaker summons their Hammer and hurls it dealing Lightning Meele Damage to all enemies it touches. It sticks wherever it lands and deals Lightning Ability Damage every second to all nearby enemies.

The Clawbringer is a powerful class that provides a balanced Jack of all trades playstyle while also excelling at dealing massive fire and lightning damage.

Active Skills

The Clawbringer starts with two active skills that you can choose from. First is the “Cleansing Flames” which has the clawbringer strike his hammer into the ground creating a large fire nova and dealing high skill damage.

The Second Active skill is called “Storm Dragon’s Judgment” which has the Clawbringer throwing his hammer causing lightning damage and creating a lightning bubble where it lands which deals additional damage to enemies. Pressing another button will cause the hammer to return back to your character while damaging enemies along its path like you’re playing as the Borderlands version of Thor.

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While both of these skills are great in their own right and provide good damage, your preferred choice of active skill will depend upon what range you prefer to play in. “Cleansing Flame” is a powerhouse at close range while “Storm Dragon’s Judgment” provides good damage from medium ranges.

Preferred Play Style

While a lot of classes in past Borderlands games are usually specialized towards one or two special playstyles that you have to stick to while excelling at their own specific ranges. The Clawbringer is unique in the sense that he has to weave in and out of the thick of things due to his performance on both ranges and depending on the active skill your character has chosen making him a great character for a Jack of all Trades Playstyle.

Best Weapon Classes

Depending on your playstyle the Clawbringer can excel with weapons like Shotguns and Sub-machine guns not only due to range but sub-machine guns also provide great fire-rate making them a superb option for quickly causing elemental effects on enemies.


clawbringer class guide
Class FeatAction SkillsAction Skills
On Action Skill Start, the Fatemaker becomes Enraged. Being Enraged adds bonus Frost Damage to their attacks.The Fatemaker spins slashing anything nearby with their Melee Weapon and essentially becoming a pain tornado.The Fatemaker leaps toward their target, dealing Frost Ability Damage to all nearby enemies.

Clawbringer is a class that can synergize well with certain other classes in the game. A clawbringer can be paired with a Spore warden as the Spore warden has ally minions that can take the heat from your own character and give them more breathing room. If you’re aiming for a melee centric close ranged character than the Brr-Zerker is perfect choice to pick as he provides a great deal of melee support.

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The Clawbringer while not excelling at one thing super well, can be a great character for those who like to experience a bit of everything and players who like to play from close-medium ranges. He’s still a very worthwhile option to pick in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

We hope you found this guide helpful, for more guides on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, check out our Guides section!

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