All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Classes Features and Skills Guide

Gearbox’s Borderland franchise is well-known for its insane freedom of playstyle. From the infamous 1 Billion guns to the diversity of builds you can create, there is no shortage of running out of things to look forward to. If you want to know whether Tiny Tina’s Wonderland has crossplay then, take a look here!

Much like Borderland, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland hosts the same kind of design choices albeit in a fantasy setting. The plethora of classes and weapons are making their way back with a fresh coat of paint. With so many classes to choose from, we will try to educate you about each choice so that you can make an informed decision when picking your Fatemaker.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Classes

The classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland are very specific in utility but the game does provide a choice, later on, to equip another class as well. This means you can basically create a hybrid class of any two of your choosing.

Each class has a choice from two action skills, these are unique abilities a class can perform and are reusable after a cooldown. The first skill is useable from the get-go and the second is unlocked when you reach level 7. The Class Feat are passive bonuses unique to the class.

All the classes and their respective skills are mentioned below.


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Class Feat:

  • Spell Weaving: This ability buffs up your spell damage each time you cast a spell or reload your gun. You can stack the damage for higher damage output. You can further enhance this ability by upgrading Mage Armor which regenerates your shield each time you get the Spell Weaving stack and many other ways you can build it to your liking.

Action Skills:

  • Polymorph: This ability lets you transform the targeted enemy into a Sheep for a relatively long period. It is best left for “Badass” enemies that are bullet sponges or are annoying to fight. In the sheep form, they just run about and do nothing, and are basically sitting ducks to dump your magazines into. By rapidly shooting these sheep whatever spell you have equipped will get triggered automatically.
  • Ambi-hextrous: Spells are the alternate to grenades in this game. They can be used infinitely without running out of ammo just have to wait for the cooldown. Other classes can equip one spell at a time but with Spellshot you can equip two, once you have unlocked the second action skill at level 7. Choose the spell of your liking and cast away.


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Class Feat:

  • Rage of the Ancients: This passive makes your character enraged which in turn deals more damage and further increases frost damage. This is a very “in your face” kind of class that has to be near the action and all of its strength lies in, where you are given buffs just by being near to the enemies like health regeneration and

Action Skills:

  • Dreadwind: This ability will start to spin you with your axe, essentially creating a deadly twister out of your character. This also inflicts Frost damage that freezes enemies in place and deals damage over time. Perfect when you are surrounded by enemies. Do keep in mind when dealing with bosses, this ability makes you an easy target so it’s advised that you put on better damage defense or health regeneration, which you can with certain upgrades.
  • Feral Surge: This lets you leap forward and perform a massive axe strike that sends out a wave of frost in front of you. On top of inflicting frost, if you kill the enemy the cooldown of this ability is reset so you can use it again. Perfect as a finisher and chaining multiple of these when near weak enemies. If you miss landing this attack then you will be stuck with a long cooldown.


Tiny Tinas Wonderlands first class revealed Stabbomancer and Brr Zerker

Class Feat:

  • Dirty Fighting: This gives this class an increased chance of Critical hit. A simple yet deadly passive that compliments the Critical hit affinity of this class. This class is all about crit-damage and melee. The Critical hit damage and chance can be upgraded further with the right build.

Action Skills:

  • Ghost Blade: This ability summons a purple spinning blade/melee weapon that damages enemies in a radius. Useful for enemies that charge you or are grouped up in a bunch, and not at all good against ranged and fast-moving enemies. You can teleport the blade to your desired target but it will cost some time from the activation duration.
  • From the Shadows: This ability makes you go invisible and any damage you deal will be Critical. Perfect for getting out of sticky situations and disposing off some enemies quickly with Critical hits. The unlimited Critical is overpowering if paired with a strong spell and a rapid-firing weapon.

Spore Warden

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Class Feat:

  • Mushroom companion: This class has a fungal buddy to go along with. Though this companion starts off weak, the fun truly begins once you upgrade its poison damage abilities. He can go around grabbing the attention of enemies and farting poison at them, reducing them to nothing over time. You can command it to target any enemy you like to gas.

Action Skills:

  • Barrage: This action lets you take out an Ethereal Bow that fires 7 arrows at the same time each of which ricochets twice between nearby enemies. You can use it multiple times before cooldown. The damage can be increased with better gun damage. With bullet-sponge enemies, it is recommended that you hit these arrows from a close distance to land all seven of them.
  • Blizzard: Using this will summon three Frost cyclones that target and move to different enemies once killed. They are really powerful against bosses and mob enemies alike with regards to their damage and tracking. Can deal even more damage with better upgrades.


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Class Feat:

  • Demi-Lich companion: Where the previous companion was melee-based this one provides ranged support. This guy shoots Dark Magic projectiles at any enemy you target with your spells. Spells with multiple charges can be complimented with this companion to dissolve certain strong enemies. This class is all about Leech, Dark Magic, and other types of companions depending on upgrades.

Action Skills:

  • Dire Sacrifice: This skill takes away a portion of your health to deal an AOE attack that deals Dark Magic damage and status effect on enemies. This status effect leeches health off the affected enemies and gives it to you. Great when surrounded by enemies and when running low on health.
  • Reaper of Bones: This skill heals the player fully and deals bonus Dark Magic damage and Leech Efficiency, which means you will get more health back whenever leech is used. The downside to this is that you will lose health for the duration it is activated and if you die you will become invulnerable. You can use this to your advantage depending on the number of enemies and the kind of gear you have on.


Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Clawbringer Skill Tree Guide e1648120728964

Before we begin, you need to check out our dedicated Clawbringer class guide. You will be able to find out what is the best play style with this class, along with the best weapons to use.

Class Feat:

  • Wyvern Companion: This little cute dragon burns anyone that comes in your way. It has both melee and elemental (fire) damage potential. This class can be upgraded to deal either Fire or Lightning damage depending on your preference.

Action Skill:

  • Cleansing Flames: This skill brings out a huge hammer that you pummel to the ground and creates an explosion to deal melee and fire damage to enemies. Not a good choice for spongey enemies and should be used on groups. The cooldown to this is short and can be made shorter with upgrades.
  • Storm Dragon’s Judgement: You see a mythical-looking hammer then there has to be a Thor ability. This ability lets you throw your hammer to the enemy which deals massive damage, then it continues to stay in place to pulse lightning damage in a radius. You can even call it back much like the Mjolnir to deal damage along its path and recover some cooldown time.

Did this guide help you in making the class selection easier in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland? Which class did you end up with? Let us know in the comments below.

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