Super Robot Wars 30: All Default PC Keybinds

Bandai Namco’s latest Anime Strategy, Super Robot Wars, is being greatly acclaimed by English -Speaking fans all around the world. With intense multimedia cross-over battles being at the heart of the game, it’s crucial for players to know their Key binds for the best gameplay results.

Fortunately, Super Robot Wars 30 allows players to completely customize their controls and Keybinds so that the users are entirely comfortable when partaking in intense battles. Switching up the controls can be extremely advantageous as the default controls aren’t suited for every player.

PC Controls for Super Robot Wars 30

Keybinds are always determined by personal preference as a single set of Keybind shouldn’t necessarily suit every player in Super Robot Wars 30. However, if you’re a novice to the tactical RPG, you should learn focus on learning all the controls offered in the game in order to improve your gameplay.

PC Controls List

Take a look at the default PC Keybinds for Super Robot Wars 30. Keep in mind that you can always change any specific bind to your preferred Key by navigating to the Settings tab.

Display Mode: NextE 
Display Mode: PreviousQ 
Display Mode 2: NextShift + E 
Display Mode 2: PreviousShift + Q 
Start/Special Menu0 
Special 11 
Special 22 
Controls GuideF1 
Soft ResetF10 
Quick ContinueF11 
Fast Forward (Dialogue)Ctrl 
Skip Text (Dialogue) F3 
Skip Scene (Dialogue)F2 
Fast Autoscroll (Dialogue)D 
Slow Autoscroll (Dialogue)A 
Glossary/Profile (Dialogue)1 
Backlog (Dialogue)2 
Fast Cursor (Tactical Map)Alt 
Next Ally (Tactical Map)E 
Previous Ally (Tactical Map)Q 
Next Enemy (Tactical Map)Shift + E 
Previous Enemy (Tactical Map)Shift + Q 
Marker (Tactical Map)Tab 
Tutorial (Tactical Map)F1 
Rotate Left (Tactical Map)F 
Rotate Right (Tactical Map)G 
Zoom In (Tactical Map)T 
Zoom Out (Tactical Map)V 
Auto Mode (Tactical Map)0 
To Mission Screen (World Map)2 
Leave Area (World Map)1 
Switch Map 1 (World Map)E 
Switch Map 2 (World Map)Q 

We hope that we covered all the Keybinds and this helps in making the game easier for you to play. What PC Control would you switch up from the above list? Tell us in the comments below!

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