New World: Transfer Characters to Another Server (Complete Guide)

new world server transfer guide

New World server transfers allow you to move your character across worlds located in the same geographic region. This lets you play with your friends who might be present in another World or check out how different companies and factions are operating in foreign worlds. As of Update 1.0.3, you can now transfer your character across servers, here’s how you can do so.

Character transfers were an eagerly anticipated future since the debut launch of the game. With the initial release’s chaos leading to friends selecting different servers just to get a chance to try out the game, you can now finally re-group and make a company of your own!

New World: Character Server Transfers

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You’ll be able to find everything you need about how you can transfer your server in New World alongside some general frequently asked questions. We’ll be updating this information if any changes are made.

Is Transferring Free In New World?

The developers have provided each player with one free character transfer token. All succeeding transfers will not be free. However, we still don’t have information as to how much each token will cost. But, the developers have mentioned that they’ll be priced at a reasonable rate and are primarily kept paid to avoid spam transfers.

What Gets Transferred with Characters?

Here’s everything that will get transferred with your character in New World:

  • Your quest progress
  • Your housing / furniture and decorations
  • All your currency
  • Inventory and Storage
  • Character progression (level, mastery, titles, etc.)

What Does Not Get Transferred?

Your company membership, obviously, will not be transferred and will need to be terminated before you transferred. All active sell and buy orders will also need to removed. You will also lose your friend’s list as they are specific to a particular server.

You’ll be able to move your character to any world in your geographic region. However, they cannot be moved to a world that is full, is in maintenance or one that you already have an existing character in.

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How To Transfer A Character In New World

new world character transfer

Transferring your character in New World is an extremely simple process. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log-in to the character you wish to transfer.
  • Once there, you’ll be able to find your server transfer token in the in-game store under the World Transfer tab.
  • Before you proceed, you’ll need to make sure you aren’t in a company and do not have any active buy / sell orders.
  • Once done, make sure that your character is located in a sanctuary (settlement / outpost)
  • After doing so you, can click on the Token and proceed to transfer to the world of your liking.

Can I Transfer My Character Again?

Since you are not able to purchase an additional token right now, you won’t be able to transfer your character again. The developers will be monitoring how transfers work out for now and may provide players with an additional transfer token for free.

After everything has been evaluated, transfer tokens will be available for purchase in the Store after which you can transfer your character an unlimited amount of times. However, there still isn’t an ETA as to when this will happen as of Update 1.0.3.

That’s everything you need to know about how you can transfer your character in New World. If you are stuck at a step, let us know in the comments section down below!

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