Two Point Campus Update 1.5 Patch Notes

SEGA has just deployed the latest Two Point Campus Update 1.5, and here is the full list of patch notes for you. This patch include lots of bug fixes, changes, and some free items. This is the first content update and it packs plenty that you can all explore below.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the Two Point Campus patch notes for Update 1.5 is covered below in the next section. You should be able to download and install this patch right away as it is now live for everyone on Steam.

Two Point Campus Update 1.5 Patch Notes

Here are the official patch notes for Two Point Campus Update 1.5 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

New Items

While the code team have been busy fixing bugs, our art team have been busy making some lovely new items for you to enjoy!

First up… TINY RADIATORS AND SUCH. We heard you were missing the small radiators and air-con units from Two Point Hospital, so we added some similar items for Campus. These are really useful for those of you wanting to min/max your rooms efficiently.


Next up… a new relationship AND entertainment item! There’s nothing quite like going on a see-saw ride with the person you love the most, right?


For those preferring to entertain themselves, how about a personal mini-golf course. It’s like a “personal pizza” but you can’t eat it.

New Creative Items

Hedges and Fences were already a great way to pretty-up your campus, but now with these new additions your building skills are going to go from here… to HERE (yes… you’re right, that phrase doesn’t work when you don’t have hand gestures to go with them… but you get the idea).


How about some new paths? Ohhhh yeaaahhh! We’ve added two new pathing tools to our smartbrushes AND we’ve made some improvements in general to make the existing ones look even better!

Job Assignment Menu

Possibly the most requested feature so far has been the Job Assignment screen, where you can select which areas of work each member of staff can focus on. So we’re very excited to announce its arrival in Update 1.5!


That’s not everything either! We’ve got a whole host of bug fixes for you too, so be sure to check out the release notes below for all the info:

Release Notes:

Build: 1.5.111944

  • New UI: Job Assignment Screen
  • Updated UI: Added text search to student and staff lists
  • Customisation: New paths and new extendable flower bed
  • Customisation: You can now customise extendable items! We’ve added this functionality on the wooden fence and will be adding it to more items in the future!
  • New items: See saw, mini golf, mini radiators, mini air conditioning
  • Added temperature filter to the item menus

Bug Fixing

  • General stability improvements
  • Balance adjustments for satisfying of needs
    • Students are more likely to prioritise satisfying needs over other activities when needs are low
    • Students try to satisfy needs nearby when waiting in the queue for a room
  • Fix for sandbox plot merging issues which was causing spawning issues with students in sandbox (when unlock all plots is selected as an option or Creative Mode is selected).
  • Fix for Campus events being selected when editing event settings
  • Fix for Campus Overview sometimes not showing information
  • Fix for template button prompts being incorrect when in placement mode
  • Fix for closed event rooms being removed from the timetable
  • Fix area of Blundergrad where it wasn’t possible to place items
  • Added more specific messaging in blueprint build mode when buildings or rooms are not completable due to being unreachable
  • Fixed a bug where having plots unlocked in Sandbox options would subtract the value of those plots from your balance on game start
  • Room customisations can now be applied to all rooms and will carry over to newly placed rooms of that type
  • Fixed end of year awards being given when closing countdown message
  • Slightly reduced lecture seating nav bounds to reduce placement and reachability issues
  • Fixed missing SFX on customisation apply button
  • Fixed missing controller bindings for the switch profile input action
  • Added additional UI support for favourite student feature on the students list
  • Added dedicated invalid build position message for outdoor rooms not being built outdoors
  • Prevented dig site door being placed in 1 tile corridors in blueprint mode
  • Fixed issue with temperature items not always working with merged plots
  • Fixed typos in Blundergrad 3 star letter and Noblestead 2 star letter
  • Fix for it being difficult to select some fence posts
  • Fixed timetable objectives being read from the wrong timetable when in summer break
  • Fixed missing item error in the room inspector not updating when item is placed
  • Fixed training menu gamepad scroll not working when the first item is expanded in a long list
  • Fix for modifiers not being applied when upgrading the training pod
  • Shrink nav bounds of big floodlight pole so they don’t overlap the insides of buildings
  • Fixed item/room tooltips going out of the screen bounds
  • Prevented dig site door item placement directly opposite dig site wall to fix nav access issues when floor is lowered
  • Removed photo mode keyboard shortcut

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