How to Unlock Brown Vintage Frankenstein Mask in GTA Online

Frankenstein’s Monster and Halloween go way back. There is no way that there is Halloween and there is no Frankenstein’s Monster’s get-up. It is sort of like a tradition at this point. Rockstar Games are keeping this tradition alive by adding a Frankenstein Styled Mask in GTA Online.

GTA Online is paying tribute to the world-famous Frankenstein this Halloween through their Halloween special masks. This guide is going to be all about how you can get your hands on the Brown Vintage Frankenstein Mask in GTA Online. In case you missed it, this is how you can unlock all the Halloween 2022 masks.

How to Get Brown Vintage Frankenstein Mask in GTA Online

Brown Vintage Mask
Brown Vintage Frankenstein Mask

If you have set on the journey to collect all Halloween Special items then make sure that you get the Brown Vintage Frankenstein Mask and add it to your collection because it sure is a scary one but it is rather easy to get.

Rockstar is killing two birds with one stone. To get this mask you have to become an Associate, Bodyguard, or an MC Member in an organization. Rockstar is promoting their new overhaul to the Associate/Bodyguard position where it is much more than a joke now.

There are two ways to become a Bodyguard, Associate, or MC Member. The first one is that you go to Interaction Menu>[Any Company]>Looking For Work.

looking for work

The second method is that a friend invites you to their company. For that.

  1. Message a friend or ask them to invite you to become their associate.
send message
  1. Once you get the invitation, go to your phone and in the invitations app.
  1. Accept the invitation and become a part of the organization.
  1. Once you are part of the organization, you will receive the mask.
mask prompt

You will have to claim the mask by going to the Vespucci Movie Mask Store and it will be available for free under the Halloween Section.

This was it for the Brown Vintage Frankenstein Mask. If you want to check out more, be sure to check out how to find other masks as well.

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