How to Unlock the Combat Axe in Call of Duty: Mobile

How to unlock the Combat Axe in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has got a lot of different lethal types of equipment that a player can equip in his/her loadout. There’s frag grenade, molotov, thermite, and more. One of them is the Combat Axe lethal. It is a one-shot melee kind of weapon, which can kill instantly upon impact. However, to use it, you have to unlock it first.

In this article, we will guide you about how you can unlock the lethal, and equip it in your preferred loadout. So, make sure you read till the end.


Combat Axe in COD Mobile

Combat Axe is one of the lethal types of equipment available in Call of Duty: Mobile. It kills a player instantly upon impact, doesn’t matter what his health bar is. It has a radius of 35 and deals a complete 100 damage to kill the enemy right away. It can be useful in the respawn modes of COD Mobile, however, it is not used much considering there is thermite, molotov, and frag grenade already available.

How to Get the Combat Axe

Combat Axe will unlock at level 49 of COD Mobile

In-game description: Retrievable axe that kills instantly on impact.

Getting the Combat Axe in Call of Duty: Mobile is not difficult at all. The players do not have to complete any tasks or challenges. All they need to do is reach level 49 in the game, and the lethal will be unlocked. Leveling up will not take much of your time if you are a regular player. You can easily unlock it in less than a week, starting from level one.

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How to Equip the Combat Axe in your Loadout

After reading the combat axe overview and how you can unlock it, let’s take a look at how you can equip the lethal in your loadout, now.

Step 1: First of all, you need to select the loadout option at the bottom of your game’s home screen.

COD Mobile loadout

Step 2: Once inside the loadout, click on the lethal option to choose from all the ones that are available.

How to equip Combat Axe in COD Mobile

Step 3: Now all you need to do is equip the combat axe and you are good to go.

How to equip Combat Axe in COD Mobile

This was all about our guide about how to unlock and equip the combat axe in Call of Duty: Mobile. Do you use this lethal? Or is there another that you prefer? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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