How to Unlock Restock Perk in Call of Duty: Mobile | “Restock” Event

There are multiple Seasonal challenges live right now in Call of Duty: Mobile and one of them is the Restock Seasonal Event. The event will last until Season 13 ends, so, the players have a lot of time to get the rewards. One of the rewards of the event is the much-awaited Restock Perk. So, the new season comes with a new perk. There are a bunch of other rewards in the event as well which you will find below.

In this article, we will be discussing the Restock seasonal event in detail. Moreover, there will be a step-by-step guide for you, to learn how to unlock the Restock perk. Hence, make sure you read till the end.

Restock Perk – Overview

Restock Perk in COD Mobile

The Restock perk was expected to come in the game from a long time, and now it has finally arrived. The perk can prove out to be very useful in every game mode of Call of Duty: Mobile since it has a great feature. Basically, you will be able to regenerate your lethal equipment after every 25 seconds of using it.

In addition, there is not even any limit as to how many times you can replenish the equipment. Once used, it will regenerate after 25 seconds, and you can do the same again, as many times. The restock perk has opened new gates of tactics, strategies, and planning, as far as all the game modes are concerned.

Restock Event – Overview

Restock event - Overview

The Restock event requires you to use some tactical types of equipment in the game, in order to proceed to the next step. It has the rare HG 40 – Pine Cone as its final reward, with the Restock perk being the second last. Besides these two, there are some other rewards as well, including, credits, Battle Pass XP, Purple weapon XP cards, UL-736 – Pine Cone, and Concussion Grenade – Pine Cone.

Pictures of all the rewards are attached below.

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How to Unlock the Restock Perk

In order to unlock the restock perk and HG 40 – Pine Cone rare skin, you need to go through six different tasks. Completing all of them will give you every reward from the event.

All of the tasks are listed below, along with their rewards.

  • Throw any Smoke Grenade eight times in MP matches (Rewards: Credits x200, Battle Pass XP x1000)
  • Throw any Cryo Bomb five times in MP matches (Available in the credit store) (Rewards: Concussion Grenade – Pine Cone, Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Kill thirty enemies in MP matches with the Tactical Mask perk equipped (Rewards: Purple Weapon XP Cards x10, Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill five enemies with a combat axe (Rewards: UL736 – Pine Cone, Battle Pass XP x4000)
  • Break enemy’s scorestreak with EMP three times (Rewards: Restock Perk, Battle Pass XP x5000)
  • Kill ten enemies with Combat Axe and Restock perk equipped (Rewards: HG 40 – Pine Cone, Battle Pass XP x6000)

You need to complete all the tasks in the same order. Completing each one will give you its specific reward.

This was all about the restock event and how you can unlock the Restock perk through it. We will be covering more of these seasonal events once they arrive in the game. So, stay tuned.

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