How to Unlock Dark Green Vintage Vampire Mask in GTA Online

Everything goes down in price as time passes but only Vintage goes up in value, the older it gets, and neither is easy to get your hands on. For 2022’s Halloween Event GTA Online released a set of special masks that will be available for players to collect by completing a few tasks.

Dark Green Vintage Vampire Mask in GTA Online is Halloween special mask that is that takes the most amount of time and resources to get and without further ado, let dive deep into the details of how you have get the mask in GTA Online.

Unlocking Dark Green Vintage Mask in GTA Online

Dark Green Vintage Mask is part of the limited-edition collectible items for Halloween 2022 in GTA Online. Out of all the other masks, this is the hardest one to get not because there is some trick to it but because it takes longer and has more prerequisites than all the other masks.

First of all, if you want this mask, the first thing you will need is to own a warehouse and before you can own a warehouse, you will to become the owner or CEO of an organization. Once you become the CEO, you will need to have an Executive Office which can be bought on Dynasty 8 Executive Website.

Dynasty 8 Executive - GTA Online
Dynasty 8 Executive

Once you have bought the property, head to the main office in the property and there will be a computer (main terminal) inside the office. From there you can access the SecuroServ Network and buy a warehouse.

Warehouse in Grand Theft Auto Online

Once you have got the warehouse, you will need to stock it with cargo that you can later sell. You can buy crates (1 for $2000, 2 for $8000, and 3 for $18000) using the SecuroServ Website. After buying, the stock will be delivered straight to the warehouse and now it is time to sell.

Once again to sell the cargo that you have, you will need to go to the SecuroServe website and “Sell Cargo”. Sell the cargo and deliver it to the marked destination. As soon as you deliver the cargo, the Dark Green Vintage Vampire Mask will be added to your collection.

To put this mask on, you will have to head to the Vespucci Movie Mask Store and it will be under the Vintage Halloween category.

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