How to Unlock Epic M21 EBR – Citrine in COD Mobile | Season 12 Exchange Store

M21 EBR Citrine Epic Weapon in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile releases a exchange store every season, and the ongoing season 12 is no exception. Apart from all the new features, events, challenges, guns, maps etc, we get a free to win reward section as well. This time around, we’ve got ourselves the chance to win an Epic weapon, that is the M21 EBR – Citrine.

Today we’ll take you through all the steps you need to take in order to get yourself the epic weapon and also a character skin, the Merc 1 – Green Terror.

The M21 EBR isn’t a go-to Sniper Rifle by any means, but what bad would a free epic skin do? So, without any further delay, let’s see all the steps that’ll lead you to the epic gun.

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Step 1 – Head on to the Watch AD Section

Located at the top left of your screen, the Watch AD section contains a lot of rewards in it’s store. Click on it to get inside.

Watch AD Section in COD Mobile

Step 2 – Watch Ads to Earn Tokens for Lucky Draw

Now once you are in the lucky draw section, what you need to do is watch some advertisements to get yourself the tokens for lucky draw. More the tokens, more the draws. The button to watch ads is located at the bottom right of your screen.

Epic M21 EBR - Citrine in exchange store of COD Mobile

Step 3 – Activate the Draw

Exchange store Lucky Draw

You can watch a maximum of 10 advertisements at a time. Afterwards, you can try you luck 10 times to get yourself some rewards or the credits to buy the skins from the store of this section. Click on Draw All if you have more than 1 token, otherwise click on Draw One.

Step 4 – Buy from Exchange Store

Lastly, if you are not lucky enough to pull the Epic M21 EBR skin or the Merc 1 – Green Terror from the draw, then don’t worry about it, because there’s an exchange store which will allow you to buy these items in exchange of your lucky draw tokens.

The store is located at the bottom left of your screen, as indicated by a white arrow. Head on to the store to get yourself your desired skin.

Exchange store in COD Mobile with Epic M21 EBR - Citrine

Here are all the rewards of the exchange store along with their prize:

Exchange store rewards in COD Mobile

Every season we get some free rewards from the exchange store with one epic skin included. This season, it’s the Epic M21 EBR – Citrine. Not a viable gun, but still you would want to add it to your collection of weapons.

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