How to Unlock Gloves (Prizefighters) in Call of Duty: Mobile

The new Prizefighters gloves have just been announced for the Call of Duty: Mobile! We’re going to be talking about a free and paid method to unlock the gloves in COD Mobile. Just like any other melee weapon, they are a one-shot kill and have a unique finishing animation which makes them a must-have. Plus, who doesn’t like punching people to death?

The Prizefighters and other gloves come in once in a while. While not an absolute rarity, they’re generally not available for free. Therefore, you should follow the steps mentioned down below and unlock the Gloves for free as quickly as possible.

How to Unlock Prizefighters Gloves

Currently, there are two distinct ways you can unlock the Prizefighters in COD: Mobile. The first way is completely free and is done by completing a currently available Seasonal Challenge titled “Knockout Artist.” The second way is to use the Gilded Gloves crate. We’re going to be talking about both these methods in detail.

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Knockout Artist

Unlock Prizefighters Gloves - COD Mobile

Here is how you can unlock the Prizefighters gloves in CODM for free – by completing this seasonal challenge called Knockout Artist. Simply, go to Events > Seasonal > Knockout Artist to see the tasks and challenges you need to complete for the gloves reward.

  • Play 5 MP Matches
    • Credits x200, Battle Pass XP x1000
  • Kill 10 Enemies with any Melee Weapon
    • J358 – Scarab, Weapon XP Card x15
  • Earn the Knockout Medal 15 times in MP Matches
    • Standoff, Battle Pass XP x2000
  • Kill 20 Enemies with the Dead Silence and Quick Fix Perks equipped
    • Boxing Glove, Battle Pass XP x3000
  • Earn the Backstabber Medal 15 times in MP Matches
    • Ring Leader, Battle Pass XP x3000
  • Win 5 MP Matches with Hardline Perk equipped
    • AGR 556 – Colorweave, Battle Pass XP x4000
  • Kill 15 Enemies with the AGR 556 equipped with 5 attachments.
    • Prizefighters, Battle Pass XP x5000

After you’ve completed all the challenges, you should get your hand on the Prizefighters gloves on COD: Mobile for absolutely free!

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Gilded Gloves Crate

Gilded Gloves Crate - Call of Duty: Mobile

The Gilded Gloves Crate costs 40 CP and a 10 pack comes in at 360 CP. You’ll have a randomized chance of getting the Prizefighters – Golden Bull. Do note that it is cosmetically different but still functions the same.

If you are in the mood for a premium version of the Prizefighters, then the Golden Bulls are your only choice for now.

Have you unlocked the Prizefighters in COD Mobile yet? Did you like them? Let us know in the comment sections down below!

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  1. I earned the prizefighter gloves, but they did not show up up a selection in my weapons, and I don’t know why. All current weapons updates installed, so that’s not it.

  2. Guys if your looking for it in the mp matches you only get it for br/battle royale these rewards arent in your multiplayer selection

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