How to Unlock Metroid Dread Wide Beam

Wide Beam is one of the best ability upgrades for Samus in Metroid Dread, allowing her to fire a trio of energy shots towards her enemies. Extra bullets are always handy when fending off swarms of enemies in Metroid Dread, however, Samus can also use the Beam on objects, pushing Wide Beam doors aside in order to enter some isolated places.

Ability upgrades help out Samus as she explores the plant ZDR. These upgrades are critical to progress in the game as they grant newer Abilities and open up places that are inaccessible otherwise. The Powerups and upgrades also play a critical role in Metroid Dread Bossfights, which, even with all the powerful equipment, provide a decent challenge.

How to Unlock Wide Beam in Metroid Dread

The Wide Beam allows Samus to unlock new locations by simply charging up and releasing a shot on a trio of vertical Yellow Lights. You can power up all three lights of a Wide Block Beam and push it forward, accessing new paths.

Metriod Dread Yellow light

Wide Beam Location

  • To find the Wide Beam, you would need to take a trip towards the Dairon area, making your way through the dark zones and crossing a narrow passage.
  • Next, you’ll need to find a room to generate the Power required to unlock the Power Beam Door and brighten up the place.
  • Once you open the missile door, you’ll enter a new room where you blow up the item Sphere
  • A Chozo Statue will be holding the Wide Beam in its hands. Shoot the ball to acquire the Wide Beam
Wide Beam Metroid Dread

Once you’ve acquired the Wide Beam, Samus will feel significantly more powerful when fighting off Bosses in Metroid Dread. Was this guide helpful in locating the Wide Beam? Let us know in the comments below!

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