Valheim: Hearth and Home Update Release Date and Time

Valheim: Hearth and Home Update is about to be released. The game’s first major update focuses on your homestead while also bringing in tons of new content, recipes, weapons and improving on existing dynamics like blocking, the stagger system, and more. Here’s the official release date, time, and a list of the new features included in the update.

You’ll be able to download the update through your Steam Client. While your older worlds will not be destroyed, you will need to explore further to take a look at all the new additions made in the update. The developers recommend making a new world for the most optimal experience.

Valheim: Hearth and Home New Features

As the name suggests, Valheim’s first major update has a lot to do with improving your homestead and making sure you are well equipped to fight off the dangers that will be coming in future updates. Here’s everything that’s expected to come out:

  • New Building Pieces
  • Food re-balancing
    • New Ingredients
    • Re-vamped hunger system
  • Blocking and Stagger Changes
    • Blocking is now based on max health rather than stamina
    • New stagger meter added to UI
  • Weapon Rebalancing
    • Two handed axe have a faster swing and have better cleaves
    • Bows have recieved draw speed adjustments and cost less stamina

As seen above, the update primarily focuses on the home aspect of Viking life, and therefore, you’ll be able to engage in tons of activities like showing off your riches by stacking up the gold that you’ve collected as a decoration piece.

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Things To Do Before Updating

You should always back up your old worlds before you update to the latest version of the game. Plus, if you are using mods, make sure to temporarily remove all of them when the update goes live. Lastly, do note that once a world or character has been played in the Hearth and Home update, they will no longer be able to be played in older version of the game.

Hearth and Home Release Date

Valheim’s first major update, Hearth and Home will be coming out on Sept. 16. The update will be available through a download on Steam whose file size still remains unknown.

The update itself will be available at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET. As soon as the update is downloaded to your Steam Client, you’ll be able to launch the game and play on the new update. All your worlds and servers will be updated automatically.

Valheim Update File Size

Since this is a major update, we can expect Valheim Hearth and Home to be at least a few GBs. However, since we do not have an accurate figure just yet, we’ll be updating this post with the file size and providing you with the complete patch notes as soon as the update is out!

Are you excited about Valheim’s latest update? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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