Valorant First Strike Event in North America to Have US$100K Prize Pool

Valorant First Strike tournament in North America

Big news for NA Valorant scene, as Riot Games have collaborated with Nerd Street Gamers and Engine Media for the forthcoming Valorant First Strike tournament in North America. Due to the corona virus pandemic, both the open qualifiers and tournaments are supposed to be held online, reportedly. It’ll be beginning from 26th of October and will be featuring 128 teams throughout the competitions.

The tournament will have the two online qualifiers, after which, all the eight finalists will be determined. Afterwards, these teams will compete in the the inaugural First Strike main event, and we’ll have our first regional champions, that will take home a share of a hefty prize pool of 100K USD.

First Open Qualifiers – NA First Strike Tournament

The first open qualifiers will start from 26th of October with 128 teams trying to get in the top 16 spot. Nerd Games will be the one hosting the tourney. After our top 16 teams will be determined, then we’ll head on to our next competition which will begin on 4th of November and will continue for 4 more days till the 8th.

From there, the top 4 teams will qualify for the main first strike event, while the rest of the four finalists will have another try in the second qualifiers. So, the teams will have one more chance for the trophy.

Second Open Qualifiers – NA First Strike Tournament

Starting from November the 11th and ending on 15th of the very month, the second open qualifiers of the North America First Strike tournament will be produced by Engine Media. The top 12 teams will be going to yet another tournament that will feature them from November 18th to 22nd.

From there we’ll have our last four finalists that will qualify for our main event, and as a result giving us our top 8 teams for the finals.

Valorant’s First Strike Main Event – North America

The biggest Valorant event of North America, the finals, after both the qualifiers, will see daylight in December. It’ll begin on the 3rd of December and will end at the 6th of it. The top 8 teams of North America will be giving it their all to take the title of being the first ever First Strike tournament champions of North America.

The winning team will also be taking the best share out of the prize money that is a huge 100K USD pool.

How to register for the First Strike tournament

This First Strike event is going to be a one of the best and probably the most competitive Valorant tournament in North America.

The teams will be battling it out not only for the trophy and prize money, but to announce themselves on the world stage by winning the main event. If interested, you can watch First Strike on YouTube and Twitch.

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