How to Watch World Championship 2020 | COD Mobile

The stage 4 of the inaugural World Championship 2020 of COD Mobile is set to begin from today. And in this guide we show you how to watch it. Millions competed, but only a few remain. The top teams will be testing their mettle in order to conquer their region and qualify for the final stage.

What is Stage 4 of World Championship 2020?

First of all, the players completed the first stage, that was the solo qualifiers. After that, the teams played 30 ranked matches, coming in the top 512 spot in their particular region and qualified for Stage 3. Going head to head against one another, only the top two teams from Stage 3a’s and top four from Stage 3b remained afterwards. Stage 4 is also called the Regional Playoffs.

How to Watch World Championship 2020

How to Watch COD Mobile World Championship 2020

The matches will be broadcasted and streamed live on COD Mobile’s Youtube and Twitch channels. For those who will be watching the in-game streams, you will receive various rewards. So here is how you can watch World Championship 2020 of COD Mobile on YouTube.

Japan, Latin America & Rest of the World

The first regions to play their playoffs will be Japan, Latin America & ROW (Rest of the World). 26th and 27th September is when the teams will grind it out to qualify for the finals.

The Japanese qualifiers will be live streamed here:

YouTube video

YouTube video

For Latin America, the YouTube streams will be:

YouTube video

YouTube video

Unfortunately, the ROW qualifiers won’t be live streamed.

Western Europe

Western Europe region will battle it out on the 17th and 18th October – next month! It will be streamed live on the Call Of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel.

North America

North America will have to wait until 24th October before they hit the ground running. Scheduled for 24th and 25th October, the NA qualifiers will be streamed on the same channel as Europe, that is the Call Of Duty: Mobile YouTube channel.

The matches are guaranteed to be high quality as some of the finest teams from all around the world and players with exceptional skills will be giving it their all, to qualify for the Finals and getting the first ever title of COD Mobile World Champions.

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