World Championship 2020 – Call of Duty: Mobile

When Call of Duty: Mobile was released back in October, 2019, it became very popular in a very short span of time. Professional team rosters were made in every region and many tournaments and scrims were held, just like any other FPS game.

But it wasn’t until April 2020, that the official World Championship of COD Mobile begun. Activision came together with SONY to announce the first ever edition of it. A million dollar winning prize is what teams were looking at, if they were to win the tournament.

What is COD Mobile World Championship?

Well, it was 22nd April of this year when Activision officially announced that the World Championship is starting from 30th April, on Twitter. The tourney started with round 1a and 1b, all you had to do was clear either stage 1a or 1b to qualify for stage 2. Your rank must be atleast Veteran to kick-start your journey.

Rank Points Distribution Criteria

As we mentioned, you can’t compete for the World Championship unless your rank is Veteran. Rookies had to grind a bit. Nonetheless, every player had to play 10 matches to get to the 80 points mark in order to qualify for stage 2. The points distribution was as follows:

  • Veteran: 10 points per win
  • Elite: 12 points per win
  • Pro: 14 points per win
  • Master: 16 points per win
  • Legendary: 20 points per win

Here is an official trailer of the World Championship 2020 Stage 4:

YouTube video

Stage 1 – Solo Qualifiers

Stage 1a took place every weekend starting from 30th of April and ending on 24th of May. On the other hand, stage 1b was unfolded on 2nd of July and same as stage 1a, it was continued every weekend for four weeks.

Stage 2 – Team Qualifiers

Stage 2 started with the initial 2a stage, which took place after stage 1a, between 18th to 28th June. 2b begun from 16th August and ended on 24th of the same month. Just like Stage 1, you only had to complete either stage 2a or 2b to proceed to round 3.

The major thing which was required in stage 2 was, that you must have a team of 5 qualified players from round 1 (6th player could be used as a substitute), in order to compete in round 2. Each team had to play 30 ranked matches to grind for a spot in the top 512 teams from their respective region.

Stage 3 – Head to Head Against Each Other

Now, after qualifying for stage 3, each team had to battle it out against another, in a best of 5 series. The tournament was held on Major League Gaming. It was simple, if you lose, you’re out of the tournament. And if you win then you’ll progress to the next round until all matches have been played.

Stage 3a took place from Thursdays to Sundays, starting from 2nd July to 19th July, 2020. As for stage 3b, the schedule was set from 29th August to the 6th of September, with matches taking place on Saturdays and Sundays.

Each region featured two Stage 3a tourneys as compared to one of stage 3b. The top two teams of stage 3a from every region and the top 4 teams from stage 3b qualified for stage 4, in order to try and qualify for the finals.

Stage 4 – Regional Qualifiers

World Championship 2020 - Regional Playoffs (Japan and Latin America)

The second last stage of the COD Mobile World Championship, the Regional Qualifiers, will be beginning from tomorrow i.e the 26th of September. The best players and teams will be up against one another in what’s going to be a double bracket elimination format tournament. In simple words, if you lose, you will get another shot to qualify for the next round in the loser’s bracket.

However, if you lose 2 matches, then you’re out of the race. For the finals of this stage, if the team from loser’s bracket reaches the final and wins it, then both teams will be having 1 loss each, so as a result, another match will be played to determine the best team of that particular region.

To watch the start of these regional playoffs, read this: How to Watch World Championship 2020 (Stage 4)

It will be great to watch the top teams battling it out, in order to become the Kings of their respective regions and bring it home in the Finals. Make sure you don’t miss out on the action as there will be some extraordinary skills on display & it’s for sure, the matches will be intense, exhilarating and worth the time.

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