What is Green Flare in PUBG New State?

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Flares have always been a big part of the PUBG games, and that remains the case for PUBG: New State as well. As the game carries forward the legacy of the red flare, it has also introduced a new variant of flares that you can use in order to resurrect a downed teammate.

PUBG was a one of a kind video game in itself and laid the path for a number of survival games making their way to different platforms. However, PUBG: New State plans on taking it a notch further with the introduction of the green flare. This flare is capable of bringing an ally back from the river Styx as you get to play again as a team with a teammate you thought you had lost.

How to Use the Green Flare in PUBG New State

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Regardless of all the top-tier loot that you have accumulated during your time on the game map, your teammates are an asset you can never replace. But with PUBG: New State, you can certainly have a chance at getting them back. Before we move on to how you can use the new flare to bring back your passed on allies, lets find out how you can get your hands on them.

You can get access to the green flare from the world map as they can be found anywhere, similar to the classic flare. You can also find one with the help of the Drone system, which is also a new feature making its way to the game.

Step By Step Guide

Here is a step by step guide on how you can bring your dead allies to assist you to get that hearty chicken dinner.

  • When you find the green flare, and have a retired teammate on your squad do what you would with a traditional flare.
  • Point it straight up and shoot.
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  • If done properly, you will see a list of all downed allies on your screen. Go ahead and pick the one you want to bring back.
  • After you have made your selection the player would be returned back to the game via drone.
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  • make sure you do it in a safe area as it does take time for the drone to make the round and for the player to parachute their way to the ground.
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Do note that for the green flare to work the teammate needs to have been down for at least 90 seconds. if you try to resurrect them earlier, the flare would go to waste. Additionally, the flare will become useless after a certain point in the game so be sure to be tactical about your use of it.

PUBG: New State came out with a bang. We weren’t expecting the game to make use of such exclusive content and cannot wait for the official game release. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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