WWE 2K22 HUD Guide: Health Bar, Special, Finisher Meters

WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 has tried to change up the formula established in previous games. Many features and mechanics are revamped to mix the flow of the fight. Here we will discuss the newly developed HUD and the different meters and bars it carries. And if you have any questions regarding WWE 2K22 controls, please consult our controller / keyboard article.

This time around the HUD serves three distinct features each uniquely serving the fight. And knowing what each of these bars and meters represent is half the battle, for they indicate when can you unleash hell on your opponent. So follow along as we teach you what’s going on in the corners of that screen.

WWE 2K22 HUD Guide

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In the heat of the battle, the player can get confused by what’s going on with those bars filling up. For the uninitiated, the knowledge of these bars can make or break their fight. WWE 2K22 HUD has the following features:

  • Vitality Meter & Body Limb Damage
  • Special Meter
  • Finisher Meter
  • Stun Meter
  • Stamina Meter

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WWE 2K22 Vitality (Health Bar)

The bar beneath the Wrestler’s name is the Vitality Meter. This bar represents the health condition of the character and drops as you take damage. There are two states of the health bar. The green state will eventually regenerate HP if you stay out of harm. When you take constant punishment the bar will turn red, which indicates that any damage you receive will result in permanent meter reduction. The lower the health, the chances of kicking out of a pinfall or escaping a submission hold will be lowered. Even getting back up will be slower after a fall.

On the right of the vitality meter is a silhouette of a person, this represents the separate body limb damage indicator. Each body part can be targeted and damaged distinctly and has different color states to show the severity of the injury. A damaged body part is more susceptible to tap out if a submission holds targets that specifically.

WWE 2K22 Special Meter

The Special meter is divided into three segments that are filled by giving and receiving damage. These bars allow you to execute Signature Moves, Paybacks, and Special Defensive Moves. The different ways you can use this meter is:

  • One Bar can be used to perform Instant recovery to quickly get up from the mat or Possum Pin to surprise pin your opponent.
  • Two Bars are for Paybacks and can be used once per match, an example of this would be a force kick out from pinfall even if you are destined to lose.
  • Three Bars are for Signature Moves, landing these moves will fill your Finisher meter immediately.

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WWE 2K22 Finisher Meter

The Finisher Meter has to be filled if you want to use the superstar’s “Smack”. This meter is filled by performing moves and taunts, the more flamboyant the move is the faster this meter fills up. A total of 3 Finishers can be stored at a time. Check the wrestler’s move list to see which position to be at to perform their specific Finisher. Go for the pin after the move lands as players are most vulnerable to pinfall after this.

Stun Meter

A new Stun meter mechanic has been introduced this time around. Hitting your opponent enough will fill this meter, hovering above their head. Once filled the opponent will be dazed and unable to perform counters and defend themselves in general.

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Stamina Meter

Where previously, a low stamina meter would slow down the wrestler’s movement, and the ability to perform special moves is hindered, this would require you to stop your actions to recover stamina. This time around, the stamina is not that harsh and only effect running and dodging, represented by a circular blue meter above the superstar’s head. Simply refrain from action to recover this stamina.

How are you liking these changes in WWE 2K22? Was this information helpful? Let us know in the comments below and more WWE 2K22 content visit our website.

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  1. Nikki_boagreis Avatar

    The Hud is a huge improvement over past games in the series. Overall im impressed with 2k22, it’s renewed my faith in WWE games. Especially the CAW creation, WWE on PS3 always had the exact same logos, icons, clothing etc every game from Smackdown vs Raw 2009 – WWE’13. The CAW creation for 2k22 is a major improvement or overhaul from past game in the series. I know this is about the Hud, just saying in general 2k22 is a major improvement.

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