WWE 2K22 MyFACTION Locker Codes

WWE 2K22 is a wrestling game that came out today for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X/S and Steam. The game has received positive reception from characters for its new and improved gameplay as well as its significantly improved, next-gen visuals. Its part of the long running WWE series that started way back in 2011 and has consistently produced a new game every year with the exception of 2021.

Locker Codes are always essential for people trying to get the best content in the game, they are used to unlock a lot of the game’s exclusive content and get some important goodies. They are given out by the developers on their Twitter handle for free every month or so and allows players to level up without winning any matches. The first Locker Code can be found after you beat the Tutorial level, which is the only locker code available in the game for the time being. Below we will list down all the locker codes in WWE 2K22 as they get updated by the developers:

WWE 2K22 Locker Codes List:

In the following table you can find all the locker codes available in WWE 2K22, we will be updating the list as more codes go live:

NOFLYZONEDrew Gulak 65 OVR Emerald card

For now, only one Locker Code is available in the game which can be found after you beat the in-game tutorial, for the latest Locker Code dumps, also make sure to stay tuned at the official WWE 2K22 Twitter account.

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Do These Codes Expire If I Don’t Redeem Them on Time?

Some of the locker codes given out in WWE 2K22 will expire but others like “NOFLYZONE” can be redeemed anytime in the game’s lifecycle.

How Do I Redeem My Codes?

Its very simple, follow these steps in order to redeem your codes in WWE 2K22:

  • In the main menu select MyFACTION.
  • Choose “Locker Codes” from the Home tab.
  • Enter the Locker Code you want to redeem (be sure to include any hyphens in the code).
  • Congratulations! You should have some new swag to enjoy.

That’s all you need to do to redeem your codes, for more information, also consider checking out the support page by 2K Customer Support.

WWE 2K22 is now available for purchase on Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, XBOX Series X/S and Steam. For more helpful guides, stay tuned right at our Guides section!

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