5 Abilities to Unlock Early in Ghostwire: Tokyo

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Ghostwire: Tokyo sees the player traveling through the beautifully recreated world of Tokyo – that looks even better with good graphics settings – and fighting supernatural entities along the way. To defeat these enemies, you must use your weapons and abilities. However, the skill tree can be a bit overwhelming for newer players. That is why we’ve gone ahead and made a list of the 5 abilities to unlock early in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Since the game just came out, we are also trying out different stuff. If we find another ability that is deserving to have a spot on this list, we will keep you updated. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the 5 abilities to unlock early in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Ghostwire: Tokyo – 5 Abilities to Unlock Early

Before we start, I would like to state that the abilities mentioned in this list are not in any particular order. It is up to you to decide which one you want to unlock first and max out. Depending on your playstyle, you might prefer a different order so we cannot speak for everyone. Instead, we included the 5 best starting abilities that will help you out the most.

Also, we would love to hear your favorite abilities in the comments below. Let us know what skills you wanted to see on the list and do you agree with our picks? With that said, let’s get started.

Wakumusubi 1

5 Abilities to Unlock Early in Ghostwire: Tokyo

The first ability we’ll talk about is the Wakumusubi 1. This ability allows you to heal yourself whenever you do a core grab. Core grabs are extremely common and can be used against almost all enemies. So, this ability will allow you to sustain your character and keep moving forward.

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Ninigi 1

5 Abilities to Unlock Early in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Another Core Grab ability, the Ninigi allows you to grab enemy cores in melee range. Whenever you are close to an enemy, you will get this option. It allows you to easily take down any enemy that invades your personal space. Plus, you cannot get interrupted or hit by enemy attacks during this. So, use this ability whenever you find yourself surrounded to buy some extra time and make your next move.

Inubashiri 1

5 Abilities to Unlock Early in Ghostwire: Tokyo

After seeing the gameplay video, players were excited to see that stealth was incorporated in Ghostwire: Tokyo. However, for anyone that’s tried it in the game, you’ll know that moving while crouched can be extremely slow and can require a lot of patience and good timing.

Well, that’s where Inubashiri 1 comes in. Activating it will allow you to move quickly and get the Quick Purge easily. This ability is a must-have for stealth fans! If you do not know how to do the Quick Purge, check out the controls for the game.

Tatenui 1

5 Abilities to Unlock Early in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Blocking is a crucial mechanic in Ghostwire. It helps you avoid damage from the enemies. However, a normal block will still cause you some damage – albeit extremely minor damage. If you get Tatenui 1, you’ll be able to do the “Perfect Block”. It allows you to take no damage and does not drain your stamina while you are using it.

Plus, if you time your block just right, it will stagger the enemy; allowing you to land a quick counterattack of your own. If you want to know how to do the perfect block, let us know in the comments below and we’ll write a guide just for you!

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Kukurihime 1

Kukurihime 1

Since Core Grab is one of the most significant parts of the game, you will want an ability that allows you to do it swiftly. Normally, grabbing the core can take some time and leave you vulnerable. However, with this ability, you’ll increase the speed of Core Grabs and get away scot-free.

That’s all the best starting abilities that you need to get in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Getting these skills early in the game will allow you to take out enemies easily and make your journey more satisfying. We would love to know your favorite ability as well. Let us know in the comments below!

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