Apex Legends: Defiance Reveal Trailer Overview | Mad Maggie Abilities

Apex Legends has finally unveiled the trailer for their Defiance Reveal Act and it looks absolutely awesome! The hype for season 12 continues to build up as Apex legends have launched a brand new trailer. It seems that the arrival of Margaret “Mad Maggie” Kohere to the Apex Games has caused quite a bit of collateral damage to the floating city. Season 12’s formal name is Apex Legends: Defiance and will be launching on February 8 on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Apex Legends has come a long way since its launch and still continues to deliver for its player base. Respawn Entertainment should have a lot more info to share over the next 10 days so keep your eyes peeled! Are you ready for the madness that’s about to unfold on February 8? Watch the trailer below to find out!

Apex Legends: Defiance Launch Trailer

YouTube video

The trailer shows us a brand new operator named Mad Maggie. Her abilities and kit seem to be tactical fire with a big ball-looking thing as her ultimate.

The trailer drops us right in the middle of a bloody fight as Margaret is dropped onto the battlefield. The scene then changes to her trying to survive the onslaught of multiple operators. The fans get to see a glimpse into Maggie’s unique abilities and playstyle. The trailer does a good job of giving us sneak peeks into different operator interactions.

This trailer had a really big variety of wonderfully shown things, like the ‘rifts’ traveling to other maps/worlds, or the ‘breaking out of nature’ narrative they had. The story really comes to a head.

As usual, we are blessed with the eye candy that is mirage getting in trouble. The animation might not have been Apex’s best but they have certainly gotten better at choreographing everything.

Mad Maggie – Abilities and Introduction

Mad Maggie

Maggie seems to be a very good combination of bloodthirsty and badass and is a welcome addition to the roster of legends already present in the game:

If it’s a villain they want, I won’t disappoint

Aside from the obvious interactions between Fuse and Maggie in the trailer, it’ll be interesting to see how the other legends will speak to her as they have now witnessed her terrorist attack and have participated in her modified events.

It does look like Maggie possesses some sort of passive that can be visible through the red aura. It also looks like she has a sort of explosive kit like Fuse, maybe having the ability to lay down explosive traps (seen when she plants the bomb on a box).

The big ball that hit Fuse may be a bomb, but she might be able to remotely detonate it seeing as it didn’t explode on impact. For Olympus…of course, Apex destroyed it in some way…but it makes sense seeing how well it fits with the story.

Personally, the Defiance Reveal Trailer feels a lot more real, like an actual fight to the death rather than some wacky game of tag. The narrative for Mad Maggie also brings in more hype and all in all, this can easily be one of the best trailers Apex Legends have released to date.

It is likely that Apex Legends will let the operators stick to those introduced in Season 8 as the later ones (Valkyrie, Seer, and Ash) weren’t in the competition yet. But there is always the off chance that we might get to see even more cool stuff coming our way!

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