Apex Legends Mobile Beta Details | More Regions Incoming

Apex Legends Mobile is one of the most awaited battle royale games in the mobile gaming community. It has finally been released in some regions where everyone can enjoy playing Apex Legends Mobile on their mobile devices.  Fans have been waiting with their fingers crossed as the game has seen massive success.

Respawn is steadily rolling out Apex Legends Mobile around the world in a series of tests. The first beta test took place in April for India. Following this, there have been several rounds of beta testing in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and other parts of Europe.

Apex Legends Mobile beta New Features

As mentioned earlier, the game is open to playing for beta testers across various parts of the world. One of the beta players, ThatOneApexBot, posted their experience on Twitter. This gave Apex fans a sneak peek at the upcoming content. 

As mentioned in the tweet by one of the beta testers, here is a quick outlook on what could be expected from the new mobile BR title.

  • Several features like 3v3 Arenas and ranked matches will be familiar with PC and console Apex players
  • There’s an addition of unique Legend perks, 6v6 Team Deathmatch, 10 squad matches, and Loot packs. 
  • Exclusive Legend perks can also be unlocked, which gives you various skills that alter the game.

How To Get Into The Beta

Anyone can indulge themselves in beta testing as there are no boundaries. Once the game is available in your region, you can pre-register for it on your local Google Play Store page. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen by the developers, you’ll be informed when the beta opens up in your area. Here’s a quick look at the dates and locations for the following beta tests.

Please note that beta players are limited region-wise. So everyone isn’t guaranteed to be chosen, but one can always try. Also, Respawn has made clear that all your progress while beta testing will be wiped out once the game is released globally.

Everyone in the mobile gaming community has their eyes frozen upon Respawn for the release of Apex Legends Mobile. Do you think the new game will be able to keep up with the reputation of the original BR title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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