Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch in February | Release Date

apex legends season 8 nintendo switch release

Apex Legends has been soaring in popularity ever since it has been released. The game which came out in February 2019 has been slowly rolling out to other platforms like the PS4 and Xbox One. Initially released for the PC, Apex Legends has continued to grow over the past year amassing a massive player-base with frequent content updates and a healthy E-Sports scene as well.

Respawn has been hyping up other platforms long before an official release is imminent. However, Apex Legends is about to be released for the infamous Nintendo Switch. Since the Pandemic struck, the update, that was due to be released in Late 2020 has now been delayed to the second month of 2021.

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Release Date

Apex Legends Season 8 will be starting very soon. You can look at the English Trailer for the new Season here:

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YouTube video

While the English version is quite basic, the Japanese version of the Trailer has confirmed that Apex Legends will be releasing on the 2nd of February alongside the new Season 8 Update for free. Fans are still quite speculative about how the game will run on the platform as the Switch is not known for its high specifications. The game, however, will support Cross-Play from Day 1 and you can play with your friends who are on different platforms.

This text has also been spotted in Danish and Polish versions of the Trailer as well so we can rule out that it is not a mistake. The game will be releasing on the 2nd of February for the Switch. The Developers have also confirmed that the new next-gen update for the game will also be coming out very soon.

This concludes everything you needed to know about Apex Legends’ release for the Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more news.

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