Apex Legends PS5 Version Spotted on PSN Database

Apex Legends is an extremely popular battle royal game that came out after Fortnite took the world by storm. While the game is currently available on current-gen consoles, it can be played on the next-gen via backwards compatibility. However, it looks like Respawn Entertainment is finally planning to give the next-gen platforms their own version.

Players have been waiting for a next-gen update ever since the consoles came out. The game would feel incredible with features like adaptive triggers and over 60 FPS. It looks like it is finally time that next-gen players get the imminent update.

Apex Legends PS5 File Size

Earlier today, @PlayStationSize on Twitter broke the news that Apex Legends for the PS5 has been spotted in the PSN database. While it is only for the PS5 for now, we are certain that Respawn wouldn’t ignore the next-gen Xbox. From the looks of it, the download size will be about 80 GB. Keep in mind that this is without including any updates.

Currently, Apex Legends only supports PS4/Xbox One versions, and runs both on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S through backwards compatibility. That is why it offers 60 FPS on all platforms. However, there are no next-gen features such as haptic feedback or adaptive triggers. We might see a similar situation as COD: Warzone. Where players get 60 FPS across all platforms but the next-gen update allows them to play on 120 FPS.

This development is extremely exciting as Respawn is finally putting their hit battle royale on the next-gen consoles. We would love to know what you think about this. Leave a comment below to let us know!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema

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