Umer Cheema

Umer Cheema

By day, Umer loves writing about games and talking about them; by night, he is an avid gamer that loves playing League of Legends and RTS games. Being a massive fan of Metal Gear Solid, you'll find Umer always praising the legendary Hideo Kojima.
Elden Ring

Elden Ring All Weapons Tier List

FromSoftware games have a tradition of adding tons of various weapons to their games to ensure that the player has a wide variety of arsenal at their disposal. As such, Elden Ring also has a wide variety of weapons that…

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Top 25 Best Fabric Mods for Minecraft

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Download Raft Trainer (20 Cheats)

You can download this Raft trainer here to use cheat codes and commands while playing this game. This is a completely free trainer for the PC version of the game for those who are having trouble with the difficulty of the game.…