Does Battlefield 2042 have Cross-play Support? | Cross-Platform: PlayStation, Xbox, PC

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Battlefield 2042 has been impressing fans with its action-packed gameplay, however, many players want to know if the game supports cross-play. The game has been primarily focusing on multi-player gaming with a lobby capacity of up to 128 players for certain game modes.

With many Battlefield fans divided over consoles and PCs, it’s quite hard to team up and reminisce with your buddies without having a cross-play option. Moreover, ditching the campaign mode has further fueled the need to enjoy the game with some good company.

Will Battlefield 2042 Support Cross-play?

Listening to fan requests, Battlefield 2042 does support cross-play between various platforms and allows players from different consoles to fight it out in online lobbies. However, the cross-play feature in Battlefield 2042 will work a little bit differently.

Due to 128-player lobbies only being supported by PC and the current-gen systems, the cross-play is split between different consoles. Here is a list of the two groups of consoles that can play with each other:

Group A

  • PC
  • PS5
  • Xbox Series X|S

Group B

  • Xbox One
  • PS4

Group A consoles will only be able to play with their specific group with the same criteria for Group B.

Players also have an option of turning off cross-play from their in-game settings if they don’t want to be matched up against players from different platforms.

  • Open the Main Menu of Battlefield 2042
  • Click on Options
  • Open the General tab and navigate to Other
  • In here, you’ll be able to toggle cross-play on/off.
Battlefield 2042 Cross-play

Cross Progression

If you’re curious, Battlefield 2042 also supports Cross Progression which technically means that all your progress can be transferred to a different platform if you purchase the game on it. This can be quite beneficial if you’re willing to change platforms but not ready to give up all your Battlefield 2042 progress and cosmetics.

With cross-play on the table, you can hit up the gang and get ready for some fun Battlefield nighters. Battlefield 2042 grants tons of achievements and trophies along the way. Have you been able to grab any?

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