How to Beat Radagon, Elden Beast in Elden Ring (Boss Fight Walkthrough)

So you’ve finally committed the cardinal sin and burned the Erdtree, you fought your way through Farum Azula in order to seek the Destined Death. You took on the very first Elden Lord in a duel between two strong warriors. Now the only thing that stands between you and whatever ending you’re aiming for is one (or two) final foe after which you will finally be able to claim that you beat Elden Ring. Since we have ranked the hardest Elden Ring bosses, you might want to check out the complete list.

The fog gate to the final boss is different from the other bosses in the game, glowing with a golden aura bright enough to turn a man blind when you enter it, fitting of the foe that awaits you. You see a lone Queen Marika hung atop a Rune, falling to the ground. As she falls down to the ground and she clutches the hammer, her hair starts turning red and the game hits you with its major reveal, Queen Marika and Radagon were actually the same person!

The final boss in Elden Ring is different because unlike majority of the bosses where a second phase is a more difficult extension of the boss’s moves from the first phase, the final boss fight is essentially 2 full fights back to back, each with their own full health bar which makes this fight reasonably challenging for many people, but fret not, for we have compiled this guide on how to beat Radagon and Elden Beast in Elden Ring. If interested, you should also read through our extensive Elden Ring tier lists and build guides.

Phase 1 – Radagon of the Golden Order:

Radagon, of the Golden Order in Elden Ring

After witnessing what is the most exciting boss intro in From Software history you get to fight the legend players had been hearing about all throughout the game. Radagon is a fairly tough fight that can mostly be mastered in a handful of tries minus a few particularly frustrating attacks.

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Most of Radagon’s attacks are fairly easy to react to but he occasionally mixes in delayed attacks in his combos to throw you off which can be particularly difficult to avoid. The trick remains as always to keep a close eye on Radagon’s hand as he’s attacking to see which attacks are coming when. Radagon also mixes in a handful of AoE attacks during his combo that require good timing to avoid.

Killing Radagon in Elden Ring

Just like every other boss in the game, Radagon also gets an extremely powerful grab attack that will kill you almost always kill you in one hit. The timing for this grab can be a little tricky but once you’re able to dodge it for the first time its easy every other time, just know that you have to dodge at the last possible moment. Players can also outrun this attack by just running away from Radagon but chances are the surrounding AoE blast of the grab will catch you and deal some damage to the player.

Radagon also has a fair few ranged options, one is a hammer sweep that’s heavily telegraphed but will do serious damage if you fail to dodge it, this attack can also cover a good portion of the arena. His other ranged options include shooting Holy Lightning Spears at the player, teleporting towards the player(the teleporting animation will damage you) , teleporting above the player and throwing a large lightning spear into the ground that will cause a small surrounding area to damage the player if you fail to dodge it.

Radagon’s strongest attack is his triple AoE blast where he attacks you with the Elden Ring symbol. We strongly recommend dying at least once to this attack…which you probably will but still just to see how cool it looks. To avoid this attack time your dodges carefully and make sure you’re dodging to the side instead of to the front or back, the attack will catch you unless you dodge to the side. Jumping could also work but it wasn’t successful for me.

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General Strategy:

All of Radagon’s attacks do holy damage to the player, so wearing an armor that resists Holy damage can be extremely helpful in avoiding damage. Radagon is also highly resistant to Holy attacks so faith builds will have to rely on a different weapon for this fight. Same goes for all players relying on Arcane/Bleed damage. Similar to Starscourge Radahn, Radagon is weak to Scarlet Rot so carrying a spell that can inflict Scarlet Rot can make the fight a lot easier.

Phase 2 – Elden Beast:

Elden Beast in Elden Ring

We’re gonna be honest here, this fight…kinda sucks. In terms of spectacle Elden Beast is a beautiful fight with a gorgeous arena and some really great music but the fight itself is very unimpressive. Most of the fight will be spent with the player running towards the Elden Beast as it likes to run away every time the player gets close and you have to hunt it down in a massive arena. This is a fight that feels like its designed with Torrent in mind but you can’t actually summon Torrent here for some reason.


Elden Beast has a few different attacks that it can do, from “close” range melee strikes to extremely powerful beams of holy energy. The melee attacks of Elden Beast are very slow but deal a hell of a lot of damage if you dodge at the wrong time. If you get close to it, the Elden Beast will can do a few things, it will either run away from you so you’ll have to chase it down again, do a downwards flame breath attack, bring its sword down to the ground in a multi-hit combo, ending the combo with a powerful AoE stab. It can also do a few attacks with its off-hand that are similar to the Astel fight. From a swipe leaving an aura that causes a delayed explosion to a ground smash that will cause an AoE blast.

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Elden Beast will also frequently run away from the player and leave an AoE blast in its wake or return back with a powerful swipe using its sword. When fighting on range Elden Beast can pelt the players with a ranged combo that shoots out 3 powerful beams followed by a final 4th beam that is extremely powerful. Elden Beast can also breath a long distance holy flame that will catch you at a distance. It also has another attack from Astel where it will use its off-hand to shoot out an aura at a straight line towards you that will eventually explode. Another attack to watch out for is the lightning arrows it shoots above the sky, to dodge this attack simply keep running to either side, make sure you’re watching out for Elden Beast too as it can attack you while you’re trying to avoid this attack.

Killing Elden Beast

The two most damaging attacks of the Elden Beast are its grab and its orbital Holy laser. Elden Beast will fly towards the sky and cause a large ring to appear into the ground with rings surrounding you. Run away as fast as possible while jumping over the rings to dodge that attack. The other attack is a grab attack, Elden Beast will lean back and make sure you start rolling backwards when you see its hand glowing. This grab will one shot you no matter what, from what I’ve tested at 40+ vigor this attack will still one shot you if you’re at full health.

By far the most frustrating attack of the Elden Beast is its homing golden orb of doom. This orb will continually chase you around the arena while constantly shitting out smaller rapid firing orbs at you while the Elden Beast is also free to attack you as much as it wants to meaning its nearly impossible to avoid taking damage from this attack.

General Strategy:

Use a summon, seriously. A mimic tear or something like that works wonders to draw away pressure while you deal your own punishment. The same tips as Radagon also apply, get Holy resistance and ditch any weapons that deal Holy damage, Its also weak to Scarlet Rot. Make sure you’re always near Elden Beast as sometimes Elden Beast’s attack will outright whiff away while you wail on it for good damage.

And that’s how you can beat Radagon and Elden Beast in Elden Ring. This is a pretty brutal boss fight made even more difficultly with the fact that you have to memorize the moveset of two entirely different bosses at once but players can rest easy knowing it is the final challenge that stands on their brutal journey to beat Elden Ring.

We hope you found this guide helpful, for more guides on Elden Ring check out our Guides section! In case you enjoyed this guide, we have some very helpful weapon tier lists you should check out:

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