Brotato: Best Engineering Build

Brotato might seem like a linear game but the depth and skill required to last through later waves is sometimes greater than most strategy games. Brotato offers different class options to play with and Engineering being one of the classes in Brotato is famous among melee weapon fans.

Engineering Class is like a support class that uses different abilities and helper items to take down enemies. You might have a rough sketch of how you want to play but if you want a deeper insight on how you should be shaping your Engineering build then this guide is for you.

Best Engineering Build in Brotato

Engineering Class is all about using support items such as Turrets, Landmines, etc as your helpers to take down the monster that come your way. This class is mostly focused on melee weapons and increasing the strength of your turrets. If you are looking for the Engineering build to last you at least 20 waves then you are at the right place.

Starting Character

For this build, you will pick “Old” as your character.


  • 3x Wrench
  • 2x Screwdriver (Will spawn a landmine every few seconds, dealing 10 damage)


  • Lost Duck (+10 Luck)
  • Little Frog (+10 Harvesting, +20% Pickup Range, -5 Dodge)
  • Book (+1 Engineering)
  • Cake (+3 Max HP, -1% Damage)
  • Coupon (-5% Items Price)
  • Broken Mouth (+5 Max HP, -1% HP Regeneration)
  • 3x Turrets (Shoots bullets that deal 15 damage)
  • Landmines (Will spawn landmines every 12 seconds, dealing 24 damage)
  • Plant (+2% HP Regeneration, -1% Life Steal)
  • Coffee (+10% Attack Speed, -2% Damage)
  • Cute Monkey (+8% chance to heal 1 HP when picking up material, -1 Ranged Damage)
  • Pencil (+2 Engineering, -1% Attack Speed, -1% Crit Chances)
  • Piggy Bank (+20% of your materials at the start of waves)
  • Metal Plate (+2 Armor, -3% Damage)
  • Bean Teacher (+30% XP Gain, -2% Life Steal)
  • Mushroom (+2% HP Regeneration, -3 Luck)
  • Medal (+3 Max HP, +3% Damage, +1 Armor, +3% Speed, -4% Crit Chances)
  • Acid (+8 Max HP, -4% Dodge)

How to Play with Engineer in Brotato


This engineering build is focused on using Turrets and Landmines are your main source of damage while you roam around poking and smacking people with your wrenches and screwdrivers.

From the very start, focus all your upgrades and items on increasing the efficiency of your structure – Turrets and Landmines. For your character, you will go with Old and there are a number of reasons for that.

First and foremost is that it will decrease the map size by 33% which is something really helpful especially when you are using melee weapons yourself and your turrents will be able to cover you more often since you will always be nearby.

For the weapons, go with Wrench as your primary weapon because it is the mark of a true engineering and because it will spawn turrets that will help you in your fight against the deadly creatures. The second weapon you should be picking is a screwdriver because it will spawn landmines every few seconds, depending on the rarity.

A good trick to use landmines is to stand on top of them and as soon as the enemies are close enought to trigger them, run away and the enemies will be blown to pieces. The more screwdrivers you add to your arsenal, the more landmines will spawn.

Your items should be focused on increasing your Harvesting and Engineering because these are two stats that will greatly help your engineering build. Items like Book, Pencil, and Little Frog will increase your Harvesting and Engineering.

On the way, also keep picking items to increase your max HP to help keep you alive for longer during the later waves when the enemies just start piling on top of you. Cake,Broken Mouth, Acid, and Medal are good examples of such items.

Old is a relatively slow character so to balance it out, you will need to pick items that will increase your movement speed or slow down enemy’s movement speeds. Coffee is a good example to kick things off.

Other than the above mentioned items, you should look out for all the items that suit your playstyle and needs and one more trick in Brotato is that if you have a weapon in your arsenal, there are chances of you getting that weapon again.

Keep one slot free always to increase your chances of getting the same weapon so that you can combine and increase the power of a single weapon. 5 is the sweet spot for weapons. The rest of the build depends on your preferences. Tinker with the build and experiment with different items to further improve the build.

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