Brotato: High Attack Speed Build (Fastest)

It is not cheating if it is part of the game. There will always be players out there who will find exploits or tactics that might seem illegal but they are not. If you are a lazy one and don’t want to look for such tactic don’t worry because we have got you covered.

Brotato is a top-down arena shooter that has quickly gained a respectable playerbase. If you are looking for an untouchable and epic build that feels like you are breezing your way through waves then you are looking at the right place because we have got just the thing for you.

High Attack Speed Build in Brotato

Attack Speed is responsible for the speed of your attack and high attack speed means that you can kill monsters at a much faster rate. Having high Attack Speed is particularly useful at higher waves where there are just hoards of monsters charging toward you. Let’s take a look at how you can make a high attack speed build in Brotato.

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Starting Character

Your starting character will be “Loud” because it gives you +30% damage, +50% enemies, and -3 harvesting.


  • 6x Ghost Flintstone (+1% Attack Speed for every 20 enemies killed)


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  • Gentle Alien (+2 Max HP, +5% Damage, +5% Enemies)
  • Butterfly (+2% Life Steal, -1% Elemental Damage)
  • Defective Steriods (+2 Max HP, +2 Melee Damage, -3% Attack Speed)
  • Coffee (+10% Attack Speed, -2% Damage)
  • Bag (+20 Materials when you pick up a crate)
  • Cute Monkey (+8% chance of healing 1 HP when you pick up material, -1 Ranged Damage)
  • Black Belt (+15% XP Gain, +3 Melee Damage, -8 Luck)
  • Sunglasses (+10% Crit Chance, -1 Armor)
  • Broken Mouth (+5 Max HP)
  • Piggy Bank (+20% of your materials at the start of your round)
  • Little Muscle Dude (+3 Melee Damage, +5 Max HP, -15 Range)

How to Play with Loud in Brotato

Brotato is all about focusing on stats and how they can improve your performance in the game. One of the most crucial attributes of your character is attack speed. It means how quickly you can attack another enemy.

This build was all about focusing on the Attack Speed, which will instantly kill any enemy that comes close to you. To kick things off, we will start with Loud as your character and that is because it will spawn 50% more enemies and for this strategy to work, more enemies are a good thing.

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For the weapon, we will go with Ghost Flint on all 6 spots, and every time you see a Ghost Flint in the items shop, buy it and combine it with the already present ones to improve the damage and other stats for the weapon. The reason for picking Ghost Flintsone is that for every 20 enemies that you kill, it will add 1 to your attack speed.

With weapons and character out of the way, let’s look at what we will be focusing on for the rest of the build. Since the whole build revolves around Attack Speed so every item that we will pick will picked taking that into account. Coffeee is a good example of item that increase the Attack Speed of your character.

Ghost Flintstone is a melee weapon soo our item choice will have to be something that will help us increase the Melee Damage and Damage stat overall. The higher the melee damage and general damage stat is the quicker and easier will it be for us to kill enemies.

Gentle Alien, Defective Steriods, Black Belt, and Little Muscle Dude are prime example of items that will help quickly and swiftly put enemies to bed during later waves of the game. Bear in mind that these are just recommended items and you can take your pick since items are based entirely on luck.

We have covered all the bases for our build except fo the health part. Relying enterly on melee weapon puts you at great risk of dying at the hands of powerful enemies that don’t die in one hit so you have to make sure you have large enough health pool to keep you afloat for a longer time.

In this build we are going to be using the Life Steal stat to heal oversleves over time. Life Steal relys on killing enemies to recover a part of your health and this build cause the number of enemies to increase so all of this works in our favour.

More enemies mean more chances of us gaining back our lost health. This whole build is curated in sycn so everything works well with each other and every choice that we make helps another one. We have also picked items that will increase the amount of materials that you earn.

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