Brotato: Best Ranger Build

Potatoes can survive the harshest of environments. No matter what you throw at it, it will survive even if what you are throwing at is a hoard of zombies and monsters. Yes! we are talking about Brotato where you play as a ferocious Potato and fight against waves of monsters.

There are tons of characters to choose from in Brotato and one of the characters is Ranger. The Ranger class is one the trickier ones to play because of the low max HP. In this guide, we have put together the best build for Ranger in Brotato so you have some fun. And for those who like to play with melee weapons, we also have the best Engineering build for you.

Best Ranger Build in Brotato

Ranger is one of the top-tier classes in Brotato and if you are looking for one of the tankiest and overkill builds then you are at the right spot because below we have got the best possible combination of items and weapons to stand the waves of enemies coming towards you.


  • Laser
  • Pistol
  • 2x Shotgun
  • 2x Ghost Scepter (Gives +1 Max HP for every 20 enemies killed with it)


  • Head Injury (+6% Damage, -8 Range)
  • Bennie (+4 Speed, -6 Range)
  • Weird Ghost (+3 Max HP But Start with 1 HP next wave)
  • Cyclops Worm (+12% Damage, -12 Range)
  • Poisonous Tonic (+10% Attack Speed, +8% Crit Chance, +15 Range, -2% HP Regen)
  • Wings (+10% Speed, +30 Range, -2 Elemental Damage)
  • Pumpkin (+15% Piercing Damage)
  • Medal (+3 Max HP, +3% Damage, +1 Armor, +3% Speed, -4 Crit Chance)

How to Play with Ranger in Brotato

Brotato - Ranger Build Cover

This is one of the most OP Ranger builds in Brotato. This covers all the shortcomings that the Ranger class has and mainly the low max HP problem using Ghost Scepters but before we get into the build, we need to know a bit about the Ranger class.

Ranger is the glass-cannon class that has high damage and long range but has very low max HP. That is the reason it will be hard to survive once the bigger waves start coming and you are surrounded by more and more enemies at a single moment in time.

You can’t always rely on buffs to increase your max HP since they are a gamble and there is no consistency. To tackle the low max HP problem we are going to use Ghost Scepter. The ghost scepter might not be a great weapon for killing enemies but it possesses an ability that no other weapon can top.

The Ghost Scepter will give you +1 Max HP for every 20 enemies you kill with the weapon. This is something that will solve the low HP problem and the more and more you progress in the waves, the higher Max HP you will have.

It is recommended to buy more Ghost Scepters and start combing to increase the stats which make our build an even tankier one. It is highly recommended to have two Ghost Scepters after 10 waves have been passed because the number of enemies will increase and you will have a higher max HP.

Now, let’s move on to the other weapons. The ranger class already starts with 1 pistol and you can upgrade that by buying more pistols and combining them. Then you can start with another laser because the laser has the ability to pass through enemies and kill the ones behind them as well so it is a plus.

Finally, the last weapon is the shotgun and this is probably the weapon that is going to help you a lot because every single got covers more area and kills more enemies in a single blow, something that is really important later in higher waves where hoards of enemies march towards you. It is even better if you can get your hands on two shotguns.

Moving towards the items, the whole idea that you need to keep in mind while picking items is that you have tons of range already and now you need to have more damage, crit chance, and armor. These are the three things that you are lacking.

Head Injury and Cyclops Worm will increase your overall damage but will take a bit of range away which is fine since you already have an absurd amount of range. While you are picking items, pick Pumpkin as well which will increase your piercing damage by a whopping 15%.

The Wierd Ghost is a gamble and that depends on if you want to take it. It is possible to take it and well worth it if you find this item in early waves because 1 HP for a whole wave is too big of a gamble when you are past wave 5 or 6.

Beenie and Wings will give you more speed and the wings will get you back 30 range that you lost because of other items so it is worth it to pick up even if it is expensive. Poisonous Tonic and Medal are good options to balance the lack of armor and will also give you more attack speed.

The only thing that this build is lacking is armor and if you pick more armor-related items on the way, this build will surely go a long way.

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