How to Buy Season 11 Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile Anniversary - Season 11 Battle Pass

COD Mobile has released Season 11 Battle Pass which is its biggest update up till now. A lot of new features have made their way into the game, and obviously, like every season, we’ve got a new battle pass for season 11 as well.

The theme of this edition of battle pass is based on “Anniversary”, since the update is called “Anniversary Update“. Now, there are a lot of new character skins, weapon camos, calling cards and other rewards in the new battle pass. So, without any further delay, let’s see how you can buy one for yourself.

COD Mobile season 11 battle pass rewards

How to Buy Season 11 Battle Pass / Battle Pass Bundle

Here is how you can buy the latest Season 11 Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Mobile. There are two types of battle pass you can buy this season. One is the regular one priced at 220 COD Points, and the other one is Battle Pass Bundle priced at 520 COD Points. You can buy the bundle if you want extra rewards and want to advance the battle pass tiers faster.

Step 1: Click on the Battle Pass option

First of all, click on the Battle Pass option which you can see on the top right of your game’s home screen.

COD Mobile home screen

Step 2 – Click on “Buy Premium Pass” option

Now, once you have clicked on Battle Pass, you will be taken to the rewards section of the battle pass. Here you will see the Buy Premium Pass option on the right side, click on that.

Buy Season 11 Premium Pass in COD Mobile

Step 3 – Buy Season 11 Battle Pass or Battle Pass Bundle

If you were to buy the Battle Pass Bundle, then you would get four further rewards, which you can’t get in the normal battle pass. You will also get a 25% XP boost along with the extra bonuses.

Click on buy on any of the two offers.

COD Mobile season 11 battle pass offers

Step 4 – Confirm your purchase

Click on purchase to finally buy your battle pass.

Purchase season 11 battle pass in COD Mobile

Firstly, you need to have COD Points (CP) in order to buy it. For that, you can go through our guide about buying COD Points to get a hang of things. Secondly, all you have to do is play the game to complete each tier and get all the goodies from the battle pass.

Also do checkout all the rewards of Season 11, here.

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