Call Of Duty: Mobile Reveals Blackout, New Battle Royale Map

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COD Mobile, a free-to-play shooter game released in late 2019 has witnessed one of the highest game launches in the history of e-gaming. The game places the players in a 5v5 action-packed match involving all the usual Call of Duty landmark features while playing on a mobile. Previously the game featured a variety of multiplayer modes including the popular Prop HuntRapid Fire, Capture the FlagOne Shot One Kill, and Snipers Only among others. However, with the September 17th update, a new Battle Royale map has been released.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s latest update assures us that an iconic Battle Royale Map is underway. The developers, taking notice of player demands have assured in their last community update of Season 7: Elite of the Elite that the new map would be made available with the launch of their new season. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the recent update, here is all the information you’ll need to know to get started!

Blackout: New Battle Royale Map

Call of duty Blackout map

The new Battle Royale map, called Blackout, is set to release on 09/22 at 5 pm(PT), along with the launch of Season 8: 2nd Anniversary. The map is said to feature some pretty iconic COD landmarks including Firing Range, Hijacked, Nuketown, and Raid.

Blackout was originally one of the first Battle Royale maps ever to be introduced in Call of Duty, making its debut in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The map was initially a game-changer when the first Call of Duty battle royale mode launched, and it continues to be a fan favourite to this day. Making its way into Call of Duty: Mobile, the map is set to feature Ghost Town, Hijacked, and Cargo Docks, along with various other updates and locations.

The map is said to be filled with references to iconic locations throughout the Black Ops universe, from Nuketown Island to Firing Range and even Verrückt in the form of Asylum. Some areas are nearly identical to their Multiplayer incarnations, while others are only loosely based on their known environments.

For now, this is all the information disposed of by Activision, the developers at Call of Duty: Mobile regarding the new map. If you’re excited to play the new game mode right away, here are a few tips that may help you out:

  • Plan your strategy and movements with your teammates. any combat taken with cordination and communication would increase your odds at winning.
  • Dont be afraid of diving into iconic locations like Firing Range and Nuketown. The more you practice the difficult areas, the better you get at the game.
  • Play to your advantage by considering your weapons and equipments before determining where and when to make your next move.
  • See the Sights whenever you’re entering any field and explore far and wide. The better you understand the map and enemy positions, the better your chances to survive.

This is all the information we have gathered about the new battle royale map since the 09/17 update. If you are as excited as us to try out the new patch, let us know in the comments below.

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