Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 Weapons Leaked

Call of Duty Mobile has completed 9 successful seasons, and the 10th Season of this mobile FPS is bringing about a plethora of new weapons. Recent leaks have revealed some exciting new items which COD Mobile Season 10 will have in store.

Every new season of Call of Duty: Mobile features new maps or a fun game mode, along with a variety of new weapons for you to wield. However, the 10th Season’s rewards seem to have been leaked through a CODM Test Server itself. We have a list compiled below from someone on Twitter listing down all the new weapons you can expect.

COD Mobile Season 10 Weapons

CODM has a habit of featuring a Test Server before introducing any new content and updates. This server makes it easier for the developers to sort out any kinks or discrepancies before the worldwide launch. However, the recent Chinese Test Server ended up leaking weapons that were meant to be featured in the upcoming Season.

Twitter user @Mrlin97656979 pointed out the new weapons from the Test Server which include 4 different guns for players to equip. Here are the weapons which you should be expecting with the release of Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 10.

  • SVD Dragunov (Sniper Rifle)
  • P90 (SMG)
  • PKM (LMG)
  • D13 Sector (Launcher)
cod mobile guns leaked

The D13 Sector is making a return from Black Ops III while the VKM 750 was first seen in Black Ops IV.

Meanwhile, the PKM and P90 have been featured in various iterations throughout the Call of Duty franchise.

These aren’t all the rewards as the upcoming season of COD Mobile has other exciting stuff in store for the players to enjoy throughout the season. Are you excited about the P90 making a comeback into Call of Duty again? Tell us in the comments below!

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