Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 Characters in Battle Pass, Bundles, Crates

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Character Leaks

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 is just around the corner. Therefore, it comes to the surprise of basically no one that Dataminers have once again leaked all the new character skins that will be released in the season. We have already covered the various leaks and expected new features in COD Mobile Season 13, but let’s take a look at the upcoming new characters. This time, we are going to also find out which of these skins are going to be unlockable through paid chests and what character skins will be free in Season 13.

Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile has taken the gaming world by storm. True to faith in the original PC and console versions, the game features fast-paced combat with new skins and guns being added with each subsequent season. This time around, we expect many more guns to be added to the game alongside new maps.

Season 13 Character Skins

We’ve gotten ahold of all the new skins that will be released in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 with the courtesy of Dataminers Hole. Here are all the new skins being added to the game:

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Here are the paid Character skins that you can expect to see in Season 13:

Adler – Mountain Drab

Adler - Mountain Drab

Alex Mason – Piercing Frost

Alex Mason - Piercing Frost

American Bulldog – Defected

American Bulldog - Defected

Firebreak – Magmmageddon

Firebreak - Magmmageddon

Ghost – Dark Vision

Ghost - Dark Vision

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Golem – Siberia

Golem - Siberia

Grinch – Wreath Havoc

Grinch - Wreath Havoc

Kreuger – Taiga

Kreuger - Taiga

Lev Kravchenko – General Frost

Lev Kravchenko - General Frost

Mace – The Armorer

Mace - The Armorer

Park – Safehouse

Park - Safehouse

Reznov – Winterwood

Reznov - Winterwood

Scylla – Sleighter

Scylla - Sleighter

Sentinel Recon – Ice Kraken

Sentinel Recon - Ice Kraken

Terrance Brooks – Deep Snow

Terrance Brooks - Deep Snow

Vanguard – Ski Patroller

Vanguard - Ski Patroller

Woods – Cold Snap

Woods - Cold Snap

Yegor – Diplomat

Yegor - Diplomat

Free Character Skins

These are all the Free Character Skins that are going to be released in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13:

Battery – Alpine Infinite

Battery - Alpine Infinite

Battle Hardened – Snow Oil

Battle Hardened - Snow Oil

Elite PMC – Alpine Infinite

Elite PMC - Alpine Infinite

Nomad – Snowblind

Nomad - Snowblind

Outrider – Cyberline

Outrider - Cyberline

Ruin – Arctic Blizzard

Ruin - Arctic Blizzard

Special Ops 1 – Burial Ground

Special Ops 1 - Burial Ground

Special Ops 5 – Snowframe

Special Ops 5 - Snowframe

Tengu – Insulated

Tengu - Insulated

Vasquez – Fission

Vasquez - Fission

This concludes everything you need to know about the new characters being added in Season 13 of Call of Duty: Mobile. We will have more to cover about the upcoming COD Mobile Season 13 as the release date gets closer. If interested, you can see the complete list of characters and skins from previous Call of Duty: Mobile seasons:

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