Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 Update Leaks, Release Date

raid holiday map

Call of Duty: Mobile has constantly been keeping fans hooked with the plethora of new maps, weapons, and characters being added to the game every season. Season 13 is bound to be no different. As we get closer to the subsequent release date, more COD Mobile Season 13 leaks have been popping out from the Activision HQ!

Season 13 will be releasing in conjunction with the hype revolving around COD: Black Ops Cold War. It would be safe to assume that some characters, maps, and weapons will be ported over from Cold War to add a sense of immersion between all the different platforms.

COD Mobile Season 13 Leaks

There have been rumors and leaks regarding new maps, two new guns, and a character being added to the game. You will get the patch’s entire details when Season 13 officially begins, which is rumored to be anytime between December 18th to December 22nd. Official Patch Notes and the new Battle Pass season will start then.

New Weapon Leaks: M13, Weevil

teaser cod mobile new weapons

The developers have still not confirmed what weapons will exactly be becoming this season. However, they have hinted at the fact that more teasers will be coming over the weekend.

An AR that has been rumored to be included in Season 13 is the M13, which is from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It is fully-automatic and has high accuracy but low damage.

m13new weapon season 13 cod mobile

The SMG that has been rumored to be coming out in the next update is the Weevil from Call of Duty Black Ops 3. It is almost the same as the P90 and will have the highest magazine capacity of any submachine gun.

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weevil new weapon season 13 cod mobile

Fans speculate that there will probably be a new SMG and AR being added into the game as these two categories of weapons are usually added every time.

New Character Season 13 Leak

otter seasonn 13 character new
Benjamin ”Otter’ Lee

COD Mobile Season 13 will probably be adding more than one character. However, currently, the Chinese leaks have only confirmed one of them. Benjamin Otter Lee is being added to the game. He is featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and wears a particular mask that makes him stand out from the rest.

Season 13 Test Server

cod mobile test server season 13

The Developers have confirmed that there will be a Public Test Server this time around for COD: Mobile. No dates have been confirmed for its release yet, but fans speculate that it will be anywhere between this week’s end and before the middle of next week. We will be letting you know as soon as it is released to the public.

Gameplay Changes

Season 13 is rumored to add a few changes to Gameplay as well. New bullets, changes to BR, and quality of life improvements have been leaked.

Battle Royale Inventory Change

battle royale inventory change mechanic

Players will now be able to change their backpack, headgear, clothing, and clothing on the fly when you play the Battle Royale game mode.

The files for this particular mechanic were found in Season 12’s leaks. However, since it wasn’t added, rumors indicate it will most definitely be added in Season 13.

Kilo-Bolt Action New Attachment

kilo bolt new attachment

The Kilo-Bolt Action will be getting a new attachment in Season 13. The gun is notorious for having an extremely small magazine size. The rumored extended magazine will fix this problem at the cost of ADS Speed and overall stability.

Credits to Sitara Live for the gameplay leaks.

Season 13 New Maps Leaks

Season 13 is rumored to have a few reskins of original maps to suit the festive theme while also adding a few new ones from Black Ops Cold War and older COD games. These maps will be directly ported over, so there should be no changes in how it looks and the map’s general structure. Here are all the rumored maps:


cod mobile season 13 leaks miami

Miami is a multiplayer-only map that is featured in Black Ops: Cold War. It is quite different than most other COD Maps due to its vertical landscape. The map is rumored to be in Season 13 as the Credit Store picture shown below clearly shows some parts of the Miami Map.

If this is true, Miami will be the first map from Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War to be featured in the game.

credit store cod mobile


cod mobile oasis leak

Oasis is a Desert Hotel that first made its appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It is an upscale hotel in Dubai and did allow players to go underwater in some areas of the map. The map has been leaked in a Chinese trailer of the game.

Snow Nuketown

nuketown snow

Staying in theme with the Holidays. Activision will also be releasing the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 rendition of the famous Nuketown map. This time, the map is completely covered in snow and is disguised as a quite Russian village.

Raid Holiday Map

cod mobile season 13 leaks raid snow

Raid is also now completely covered in Snow and is a part of the Holiday Event that Activision will be running in Season 13. There are also rumors that a Prop-Hunt game mode might be added into the mix, but it has still not been confirmed.

This concludes everything you needed to know about the Season 13 Leaks for COD: Mobile. Stay tuned for more news!

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