How to Check Deathloop Server Status | Are The Servers Down?

Deathloop, the latest game from Arkane Studios, came out earlier this week, and some players are already complaining about server connectivity issues. Deathloop is the latest release by Arkane Studios, a studio best known for its immersive sims through first-person action games like Dishonoured. With the game racking up over 13,000 concurrent players on Steam alone, it’s evident that it has fostered massive success. With servers constantly crowded, here’s how you can check if the Deathloop servers are actually facing any issues.

With the game not even a week old, the developers will need some time before operations can run smoothly. In the meanwhile, such bugs and glitches are expected to cause disturbances. With the developers not having acknowledged such issues yet, here are some possible ways to verify if the servers are down.

How to Check Deathloop Server Status

It’s extremely likely for newly released games to face bugs and glitches following extended maintenance periods and server repairs. Anyhow, here are certain ways with which you can use to verify that the issue isn’t from your side.

Internet Connection

Sometimes we tend to look over the most basic solutions. Check your internet connection along with your internet speed from Speedtest. Your download speed should be at least 5 MBps for a stable server connection.

speedtest 2

Update Your Console

If you have a stable internet connection, it may also be possible that your console’s firmware isn’t up to date. Here’s how you can check for any possible updates:


To check for any updates, open Settings > System Software Update. Then click on the Update Now option. If there are updates available, select Next and wait for the download to complete.

PS4 Firmware Update

You can also check for game updates by heading onto your Library and pressing the Options button and selecting Check for Update.


Open Steam and head over to your Library. From there, find your game from the left-hand side, right-click on it to open Properties, and select Local Files and then select Verify Integrity of game files. This would update the game to the latest version available along with fixing and corrupt files.

Steam Verify file integiry

How to Confirm if Deathloop Servers are Down

Once you’ve ruled out any possible faults with your console or connection, you should check if the servers are actually down or under maintenance. There are a couple of platforms to verify server status, the most reliable one being Deathloop’s official Twitter account for any statement regarding server maintenance or repairs.

If you fail to find any official tweet, you can always check the server status of PS4 and PC from their respected websites.

If all else fails, you can always go over to the community-made Deathloop Subreddit for any posts regarding server issues. You can also post your own queries for the community to help you out.

Moreover, we’ll try to keep this post updated with information regarding scheduled maintenance and expected delays.

For now, these are all the solutions we have to check if Deathloop servers are actually down or your PC is at fault. If these settings helped you out, do let us know in the comment section below!

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