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Chivalry 2 was just launched by Torn Banner Studios on every gaming platform and here is a list of their known issues. You can now buy, download, install and play the game on your respective PC or console and enjoy this new online medieval warfare. And just like most games, the launch day is never without teething problems and known issues that the developers need to fix.

Even though Chivalry 2 is now live with the day one patch, there are still some problems that need to be addressed. Some of these issues are platform-specific, so expect frequent updates and hotfix patches so the game experience remains smooth.

Chivalry 2 Launch Known Issues

Chivalry 2

Here is an official list of all the Chivalry 2 known issues, revealed by Torn Banner Studios, as of updated on August 14, 2021:

NOTE: The following list has been provided so you can be aware of what type of issues are not intended and that the developers are working on addressing in future patches.

  • PC: Epic Games Store friends online status may not be accurate and party invites may fail. This is expected to be fixed in a patch to come very soon after launch.
  • Xbox Series S is running at less than 60 FPS. This is expected to be fixed in a patch to come very soon after launch.
  • In some games, there is a possibility of missing your initial map spawn.

A note re: Cross-Platform Parties:

Cross-platform parties were not a planned feature for June 8 Launch. Our team has worked to pivot to review the possibility of providing the feature of cross-platform parties as quickly as possible. It will not be available at launch on June 8, but the team hopes to bring it online in an update once a development timeline is established.

Console-specific issues:

  • Xbox One: Customization/weapons are loading in late
  • Xbox One: Sound stutters are still present in the Dark Forest map
  • PlayStation: Japanese region users can rebind X and O button, making entry into customization inaccessible unless they rebind them again


  • PC: a small percentage of players may have trouble entering server browser servers. This is under investigation with a potential fix shortly after launch.
  • Players may experience desync when falling off of the pushable siege ramps
  • Players sometimes may not sprint from initial spawn. As a temporary fix, the player should stop and start again.
  • Players during pushable objective stages may teleport briefly


  • Alt attack rebinds don’t work specifically on Tournament Grounds
  • Some players will have global rank 1 appear on the scoreboard despite their rank appearing properly in pause menu
  • Some keys can’t be bound as expected
  • Class change menu may appear beyond first respawn
  • Rebinding certain keys will make “Get up” and “special item” binds appear to use console binds


  • Archer secondary weapon skin does not apply the skin in-game
  • Items available for purchase are by default showing “new” notifications


  • Rudhelm Siege – Tower Ramp may launch players
  • Dark Forest – Respawn timers may not be accurate
  • Wardenglade – Camera may be directed towards origin instead of commander during commander speeches


  • Gamepad players may battlecry despite selecting other emotes occasionally


  • Heartbeat audio can get in a state between matches where it persists


  • Dx12 VRS can cause visual artifacting on some maps (Tournament Grounds, for example)

As always, we’ll be providing you with complete information about the patch notes for Chivalry 2 as soon as they are released. Are you facing an issue other than the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments down below!

If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. The game sometimes fails to load any cosmetics applied in customization, spawning me as a default knight. Re-joining the server seems to fix it.

    • How do you rejoin a server on Xbox 1, I’m having the same issue rn. I have reset the game. Once intentionally, 2 more times by crash. Either way it’s not solving anything so really any advice on how to fix it would be helpful since that’s basically all I got.

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