Clash Royale Season 17 “Treasures Of The Old King” Starting Tomorrow

Clash Royale Season 17 is about to be released! It is going to be called, “Treasures of the Old King” and will feature a new Royale Pass alongside a new tower skin, emotes and an all-new arena.

The Season is expected to begin on November 2 and the Royale Pass will have two variants: a free version and a paid one. The free version of the Royale Pass will have some rewards you can unlock through grinding but the $4.99 premium version will house most of the unlockables.

Clash Royale Season 17 Details

Clash Royale Season 17 - Treasures of the Old King

Chas Royale Season 17 will include many new items, especially for the Royale Pass. The Ghostly Treasure tower skin, the games’ first semi-transparent skin will be available at tier 10 of the premium Royale Pass. Moreover, the Mega Knight Ball Clash emote will be unlocked at level 20. A legendary chest will be unlocked at the final tier.

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A lot of balance changes are expected to come with the new season as well. The Mini Pekka and Tombstone will be buffed while the Electro Wizard and Sparky have been nerfed quite heavily. The Elite Barbarians and Graveyard cards have also been reworked.

Season 17’s boosted cards are the Royal Ghost and Electro Giant. This means that these cards will be raised up to the players’ king level for the entire season. So, if a player is level nine, the two cards will also be level nine for this season. The new arena expected to be released this season is called Royal Tomb Arena.

The ongoing season for the game will end on the 2nd of November with the new patch going live on 3rd November. Find out all the Season 17 buffs and nerfs in Clash Royale.

This concludes everything you need to know about Clash Royale Season 17. Are you as excited about it as we are? Let us know in the comments down below.

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