COD Mobile January 26 Community Update | Season 1: New Order is Live

COD Mobile Season 1: New order is live | January 26 community update

The much-anticipated Call of Duty: Mobile community update of January 26 is here. The new Season 1: New Order is now officially live with all the new features, events, maps, weapons, battle pass, and more. It is a new start to the game in 2021, and will hopefully take the game to new standards from here.

In this article, we will specifically look at all the new updates that have come in the game, as told by the developers in the January 26 community update. Therefore, make sure you read till the end.

Season 1: New Order Events

To begin with, first let’s have a look at all the ongoing events in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 – 2021. Some of the events are live, while the others will be beginning shortly.

  • 01/27 – 02/04 ~ Holiday Aftermath (Reclaim Map Playlist)
  • 01/27 – 02/02 ~ Rapid Fire Mode (MP)
  • 01/27 – 02/02 ~ PTFO (MP)
  • 01/27 – 01/31 ~ Secondary School (MP)
  • 01/29 – 02/04 ~ BR Blitz (BR)
    • Check out the Adrenaline Spike event to earn some loot while playing BR
  • 01/27 ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges
  • 01/27 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 01/27 – 02/12 ~ Friend Invite Event
  • 01/29 ~ Social Disruptor Draw

*All Dates UTC

Season 1 – Battle Pass

COD Mobile Season 1 Battle Pass rewards | January 26 community update

The new battle pass of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 is a great one. A new weapon FR. 556 and a new operator skill, the Gravity Vortex Gun is up for grabs. You can get both the items in the free version of the Battle Pass. On the other hand, you can get four epic character skins, five epic weapon blueprints, emotes, a legendary card, and more in the premium battle pass, which will cost just 220 COD Points (CP).

Free Battle Pass

  • Chicom – Synapse (tier 4)
  • Antelope A20 – Light Show (tier 8)
  • New Operator Skill – Gravity Vortex Gun (tier 14)
  • New Weapon – FR. 556 (tier 21)
  • HS2126 – Synapse (tier 31)
  • Charm – Bloodiest Diamond (tier 38)
  • Calling Card – Neon Horizon (tier 46)
  • M4 – Synapse (tier 50)

Premium Battle Pass

  • David Mason – Enforcer (tier 1)
  • Cordite – Tech Noir (tier 1)
  • Charm – Button Masher (tier 1)
  • HBRa3 – Capacitor (tier 10)
  • FTL – Powerline (tier 12)
  • Emote – Drone Control (tier 15)
  • Locus – Carbon Cut (tier 20)
  • Prophet – Geist (tier 30)
  • HG 40 – Cybersick (tier 40)
  • Spectre – Chrome (tier 50)
  • FR .556 – Rogue Agent (tier 50)

New Multiplayer Map: Reclaim

A new map Reclaim which was previously known as Rebirth in the public test build, has made its way into the game. It was a much-awaited map in the community and is finally been put into the game files. It is a mid-sized map having two central area floors. Moreover, there are many indoor paths where you can take cover. Lastly, there are some short-cuts and lines of sights from where you can target the enemies.

The map is available exclusively in the Holiday Aftermath Playlist.

Here’s an official trailer of the new map:

YouTube video

Battle Royale Blitz Mode

Battle Royale modes in COD Mobile Season 1 | January 26 update

A total of four new modes are planned in this season for the Battle Royale mode. First and foremost, we have the Blitz mode, which will continue up till the 4th of February and will also return later in the month. The Blitz mode is more like a shorter and quicker version of the classic mode. Here, there will be 40 people in total, and the circle will shrink faster as compared to the normal mode. You can find some high-level stuff to loot and conquer the map. So what are you waiting for? Try the mode as soon as possible as it is so fun to play!

New Seasonal Challenges

COD Mobile Season 1 new seasonal events | January 26 update

There are two new challenges that are live with one more to come very soon, I.E., on next week. All three of them offer some great rewards. Here is a list of there rewards.

Master of All

  • (Uncommon) MW11 – Warp
  • (Uncommon) Echo – Warp
  • (Rare) Spray – Spliced
  • (Rare) Echo – Trance
  • Final Reward – 6000 Credits

Mod Crew

  • (Uncommon) MSMC – Warp
  • (Rare) .50 GS – Trance
  • (Rare) Pharo – Trance
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Do You Want Some More?

Deadly Mist (02/03 UTC)

  • (Uncommon) Smoke Grenade – Warp
  • (Rare) Calling Card – Dystopia on TV
  • (Common) Gas Grenade

New Functional Weapons

Two new weapons have been introduced this season as well, just like the previous one. FR. 556 and SKS are the respective weapons. You can get the former in the battle pass, whereas the latter will be available to get through a seasonal event later in the season. Here are some details about the gun as told by the Call of Duty: Mobile team in their January 26 community update.

FR .556

FR. 556 AR

FR .556 was mistakenly mentioned by the developers as a burst-firing assault rifle, but that has been corrected now. The FR .556 is actually a fully automatic AR with a great capability of winning medium and long range gunfights. It is very stable and thus have a little recoil. The firing rate is good and the gun can definitely be used in any mode. However, you would not want to take sort range gun battles with this gun.


SKS Marksman Rifle

Only the second marksman rifle, alongside the Kilo Bolt will be introduced later in February. It doesn’t have a greater damage than the the Kilo, but a faster fire-rate and great versatility makes it useful for different fighting scenarios. Both of the weapons that have been introduced this season, focus more on the longer range gun battles and will surely help you out a lot in winning them.

Credit Store Update

COD Mobile January 26 credit store update

New season means new credit store update. This time around, COD Mobile has given the free to play players a variety of items. These include gun skins, character skin, calling card, and a perk. All of them are listed below.

  • (Uncommon) HS0405 – Uncertain
  • (Common) Perk – Tactician
  • (Rare) DR – H – Lunar Tide
  • (Rare) Merc 2 – Lunar Tide
  • (Epic) Calling Card – Monster in the Mask

New Operator Voice Overs

Unfortunately, the much-awaited Ghost voice over will not be released until the next Season 2, as told by the developers in their latest January 26 community update. It could have caused bugs and other issues if had been introduced in this season, since the files are not completely ready. However, on the positive side, new voice-overs or the updated ones for characters like Reaper, Makarov, Dark Shepherd, Gunzo, and the brand-new Ether will be available.

Battle Royale Class – Desperado

New BR class - Desperado

A new BR class, Desperado will be available in the new season. It basically gives you a shield turret that has unlimited ammo, and the enemies won’t have many front-on angles to attack you. Secondly, the passive mode gives you a chance to revive yourself back up on your own. To be more precise, when you will be down and out and will be needing the help of your teammates to get you back up, then you will have a pistol in your hand with which you can kill your enemy. And if you do so, then you will instantly get back up without any help.

This class will be available for grabs through a seasonal event in the mid of Feb, so, keep an eye out for that.

Multiplayer – 3v3 Gunfight

3v3 gunfight mode - COD Mobile Season 1

After the success of 1v1s and 2v2s, Call of Duty: Mobile has given us another great short-team mode in the form of 3v3 gunfight. As can be seen, there will be three players on both sides, moreover, there won’t be any health regeneration, just like the other gunfight modes. And lastly, the mode will be played on a shorter map to keep the tension.

Balance Changes and Fixed Issues

Many balance changes regarding weapons and operator skills have been made. Furthermore, a much-needed issue has been fixed. You can go through all of them in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 patch notes here.

There will be more modes and events coming into the game later in the season. There will be some exclusive ones on the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day etc. It will all be told by the Call of Duty: Mobile team, and we will update all the news here. So, make sure you stay tuned.

This was all about the new January 26 update of Call of Duty: Mobile. As can be noted, a ton of new stuff is already available in the game, with a lot more to come. Update the game if you have not already and try out all the new features in the brand new Season 1: New Order.

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