COD Mobile: Let’s Get Personal Seasonal Challenge | Tasks and Rewards

Call of Duty: Mobile is currently in its last season for 2021, and will begin with a brand new Season 1 for the year 2022. As part of this Season 11, players have a new seasonal challenge called “Let’s Get Personal” in COD Mobile that they can complete earning exclusive rewards and cosmetics for their characters and weapons.

This challenge will continue till the end of this season, so you only have less than two weeks to complete it. A lot of players do not want to spend any actual money on games, so this is your chance to unlock more rewards and stuff without spending anything. Once you complete the missions, the rewards will be unlocked for you automatically.

How to Complete “Let’s Get Personal” Seasonal Challenge?

lets get personal rewards

You will need to complete the following missions and tasks in order to complete the challenge and earn all the rewards, which include Weapon XP cards, Battle Pass XP, etc.

  • Play 5 MP matches – Rewards: Weapon XP Card x5, 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 10 enemies with Melee weapons – Rewards: 200 Credits, 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Earn Melee Master medal twice in BR ranked matches – Rewards: MW11 Greenrock, 1000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with the Hardline Perk equipped – Rewards: Weapon XP Card x15, 2000 Battle Pass XP
  • Kill 15 enemies with the Gun-Ho Perk equipped – Rewards: KRM-262 Greenrock, 2000 Battle Pass XP.
  • Deal 5000 damage in MP matches – Rewards: King, New Year Token x7.
  • Earn the crackdown medal 15 times in MP ranked matches – Rewards: Decoy Grenade, 5x New Year Token
  • Win 5 MP matches – Rewards: Type 25 Jubilee, 3000 Battle Pass XP

Have you already completed this Call of Duty: Mobile seasonal challenge? If you have any tips for our readers, please do share them in the comments below.

Haris Nadeem
Haris Nadeem

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