Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10 APK (Global) Download | Shadows Return

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 is finally here and we have the complete APK download links for you right here. After the conclusion of the test server, the update is titled as Shadows Return and will be bringing in a new map, Vacant and a new game mode, Control.

With the latest download links for you down below, Season 10 seems to be an iterative update and will therefore not be bringing in tons of content but will instead be focusing on multiplayer optimizations, stability improvements and will also reportedly be bringing in substantial improvements to the netcode of the game ass well.

CODM Season 10: New Features

With Spooktoober just ending in the previous update, the new Season 10 seems to be focusing on multiplayer optimizations with some content being added as well. As of yet, we’ll be seeing a new map, Vacant, an MVP Replay Feature, a new game mode and the Search for Stansfield Event.

New Battle Pass Rewards (COD: Mobile Season 10)

The new Battle Pass is also here! Here’s what it includes:

Free Tiers

  • Scorestreak – Orbital Laser: Tier 14
  • SVD Sniper Rifle: Tier 21
  • M16 – Paranoid
  • Charm – Gilded Marsskman
  • Calling Card – Five Finger Fillet

Premium Tiers

  • Stansfield Operator
  • Epic Operator Skins:
    • Templar – Unredeemed
    • Alice – Rime
    • Yegor – Needleworked
  • Weapon Blueprints:
    • LK24 – Vanquished
    • SVD – Black Ironwood
    • PP19 Bizon – Hididen Prowler
    • AS VAL – Tagger

New Map: Vacant (Multiplayer)

Based on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Vacant is set in an office building featuring close-quartered combat with snipers enjoying the containers outdoors.

MVP Replay Feature

Your best kills will now be shown to all players if you have the best K/D ratio at the end of the match.

New Gamemode: Control

Based on Black Ops 4, the game mode has you attack and defend two different points before one team or the other runs out of respawns.

Overall Multiplayer Optimizations

A few optimizations have been made in Multiplayer Mode as well:

  • Lighting in Hackney Yard has been improved.
  • Hovec Sawmill now has a new waterwheel animation with the map going back to daytime as well.
  • The UAV Scorestreak now displays red dots of enemies in sync with scanning effects.

Search for Stansfield Event

The new event has you complete Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches that has you earn points to move in through the search to earn rewards.

Warfare Mode

Two teams of 20 players will be duelling amongst each other with unlimited respawns in an attempt to reach the score limit.

Patch Notes: The features that we’ve mentioned above are only a few as compared to the plethora that are going to be added in Season 10. You can find out all the patch notes for the game here: Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 Update Patch Notes | Shadow Returns

Download COD Mobile Season 10 APK

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 (2021) is now available for download from the link mentioned down below. However, before you get to downloading, make sure that you have at least 2 – 2.5 GBs of free space on your phone.

If in case, the button above does not work, you can use the mirror links down below to download COD Mobile Season 10 APK Global Update:

Are you excited about the new season for Call of Duty: Mobile? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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