COD Mobile Season 4 Test Server | Download April 30 Public Test Build

This is the latest Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 (2021) test server that you can download right now for Android and iOS. Activision releases these Public Test Build versions for fans to try out new features, upcoming game modes and balance changes to the game. CODM test server for Season 4 will be bringing one of the most requested feature to the clans mode – Clan Wars.

Players who would install this public test build will be the first ones to try out Clan Wars as the developers have not even started teasing it yet on their official social channels. Activision announced it a few months back that they were working on updates to the clan mode, and here we are with the latest COD Mobile Season 4 test server that players can now download for Android and iOS devices.

CODM Test Server (Season 4) – Public Test Build

We already know there is a big weapon balance update coming in CODM Season 4 2021, but that’s not all. There is also a brand new Multiplayer map available to test out in this COD Mobile Season 4 test server. Here is a list of everything you can expect to see in the public test build for CODM Season 4:

  • Clan Wars
  • Weapon balance changes (NA-45 nerf, AS Val buff, multiple operator skills nerfed in BR)
  • New MP Map – Dome

As there will be a major change with weapon balances, you can expect a full guide of Season 4 weapon buffs and nerfs when the season goes live. For now, here is an overview of the changes in the COD Mobile test server and updates available today:

  • SMGs – We aim to strengthen this type’s close quarters’ abilities through increased damage and mobility while optimizing bullet trajectory to ensure viability at other distances.
  • Assault Rifles – We aim to strengthen the range and accuracy of ARs to ensure they have a superior combat range of 15-30 meters. This is done through improved weapon type differentiation in relation to bullet trajectory, handling, and recoil.
  • LMGs – We aim to strengthen the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs to ensure that suppression is possible at 30 meters away while also strengthening their overall capabilities at different ranges.
  • Snipers – We aim to optimize the attributes of sniper attachments, provide more combinations of attachments, and weaken the advantages of snipers in close-range combat.
  • Marksman Rifles – We aim to make marksman rifles more nimble and agile by increasing movement speed via various attachments
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 "Tokyo Escape" (Featured Image)

Download COD Mobile Season 4 Test Server

You can download the latest Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 test server here for Android and iOS. We have the test server APK links covered below, and iOS users can download the public test build with Test Flight. Make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Start Date: April 30th (UTC)
  • Test end date: TBD
  • Download Size: 2 gigabytes, Wifi connection is highly recommended
  • Player Registration Limit: 30,000 – 40,000
  • Content suited for ages :16+
  • All information and player data collected during this test will be deleted
  • Facebook login not available this time

Download for Android:

For Android, there are two different APK versions available to download. One is for the 32-bit devices, which mostly consists of lower-end Android phones. And the other is for the 64-bit architecture which is most phones and tablets nowadays. You can download any phone system information app and check, if you do not know about your device.

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Download for iOS:

iOS users can also download and install this new CODM Season 4 test server on their iPhone or iPad. Here is the download link:

Let us know what new findings have you discovered in this Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 test server. You can expect more guides around the upcoming season as we get closer the global launch.

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