How to Contact Apex Legends Mobile Customer Support

Apex Legends Mobile has just been released and players are already reporting various issues with the game. In these cases, you might need to contact customer support in order to get your trouble sorted. As of yet, it seems like the developers are quite receptive to responding to whatever issues that you may have.

Apex Legends Mobile is shaping up to be relatively bug-free considering the fact that it has just been released. However, we can expect a few bugs and issues coming around here and there due to the game’s scale and the number of different variables present that can go haywire.

Contact Apex Legends Mobile Support (Respawn Entertainment)

We’ve jotted down some official methodologies that you can take advantage of to contact customer support in Apex Legends Mobile:

Respawn Entertainment’s Support

How to Contact Customer Support for Apex Legends Mobile

Visit the publisher’s support site for EA and get help on all their games specifically Apex Legends in this case. Here you can view all the frequently asked questions for those generic issues but if you are stuck with something intense then click the Submit A Request button to elaborate on your issues. Here you have to fill in your necessary personal and platform details, along with the actual problem in depth.

Apex Legends Mobile Subreddit

How to Contact Customer Support for Apex Legends Mobile

Sometimes the community will be your only aid. In those cases, the Apex Legends Mobile subreddit is your best aid. You can either scroll through the posts and find your relevant issue or simply create your own post yourself. The community is extremely helpful and they will certainly help you out.

Contact Respawn Entertainment/EA on Twitter

How to Contact Customer Support for Apex Legends Mobile

The best way to get a developer’s attention is to contact them on Twitter. You can tweet out your problem and tag them so they can see your issue. Once they see your tweet, they will reply to you and address whatever problem you are facing.

Contact Respawn Entertainment/EA on Facebook

Contact Apex Legends Mobile on Twitter

Just like Twitter, you can contact Respawn Entertainment on Facebook. They post there regularly so you can comment under any one of their posts and tell them about your problems. Alternatively, you can also message them and wait for them to respond.

Leave a Review on Google Play Store or App Store

Leave a review on Google Play Store for Apex Legends Mobile

If you are facing any issues, you can leave a review on your respective app store. The developers are actively looking at the reviews and they respond to as many as they can. Chances are that your problem will be addressed there. However, after your issue has been resolved, make sure that you increase your star ratings to let everyone know that the game is in a good state and the devs listen to their community.

That’s everything you needed to know to contact support for Apex Legends Mobile. We hope you end up getting whatever issue you had resolved! Let us know in the comments below what issue you are facing and did you manage to fix it yet or not.

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