How to Contact Customer Support for Gran Turismo 7

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The PlayStation exclusive racing simulator and any car enthusiast’s favorite game Gran Turismo 7 has recently been released and the game shines just like the highly detailed models of the cars in this game. This game runs smoothly on its platforms but if you are still facing issues and you have tried everything to fix the problem it’s time you know how to contact customer support of Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 is a simulation-type game and is not for any run-of-the-mill racing game fan. People who like this are very particular and any hiccup in the game will surely break their immersion. To counter these issues you should contact the developers i.e. Polyphony Digital. Some known bugs have been found, so we have discussed them along with workarounds.

Contact Gran Turismo 7 Customer Support (Polyphony Digital)

Gran Turismo 7 is a PlayStation exclusive game, so much of the support for this game is accessed through PlayStation’s own channels, not the game or the developer’s. The way with which you can contact them is listed below.

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PlayStation Support

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You can visit PlayStation’s support website to get access to any help for Gran Turismo 7. There is a search bar where you can type in the exact problem you are facing. Also, there is a game exclusive FAQ where you can find the solution to your problem. If you scroll down, you can even talk to an online assistant directly to voice your concern.

GT Planet

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There is a whole website dedicated to this game, GTPlanet. Here fans talk about everything Gran Turismo related from a plethora of articles to forums. Visit here to meet like-minded people and find someone going through the same ordeal as you. Developers check these forums to find the issues that are plaguing the community.

Social Media Support

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The next place you should aim to get help from are the various social media pages this game and developer has. Though they don’t have dedicated support groups or pages they can still see DMs you might send their way. Here you can find the Facebook and Twitter pages for Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 Subreddit

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The official subreddit for Gran Turismo 7 can also aid you in finding the solution, or you can indulge with the community to fix the problem together.

That’s everything you needed to know to contact support for Gran Turismo 7. We hope you find the solution through one of these methods! Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jason Berry Avatar
    Jason Berry

    You lied to me when it said if I pre-ordered the 25th anniversary edition that I’d have instant access to over 400 cars and multiple tracks… I feel robbed n that I wasted my money…

  2. Andrew Jeffords Avatar
    Andrew Jeffords

    You need to allow the player to sale cars for credits. I can’t believe it isn’t a feature. Stop being so greedy.

    1. The reason you can’t sale car is cars are your level

  3. The Hunt Avatar
    The Hunt

    I feel ripped off the single player mode is worst ever in any GT game the PP restricted races are just unplayable even with fully upgraded car tuned down and stuff

    1. the car is not everything…

  4. Nikki_boagreis Avatar

    Yup, i remember playing GT on PS3. Purchased a new copy and kept getting a disc read error, returned it 3 different times for a new copy each time. I called Sony and explained that 3 new copies wouldn’t work, but every other game works fine.
    Their reply “Stop telling fairy-tales and playing on the phone”
    My reply “don’t you think i’d be playing a new game that just released and not playing on the phone if i could”

  5. Private lobby’s are broke can’t change tracks or vote game is a big disappointment

  6. Curtis Hoover Avatar
    Curtis Hoover

    You need to add an open world city and country drive around. Drive to he next race or arena, get gas race gas etc make it more in depth in 2022

  7. Gt for 22 years Avatar
    Gt for 22 years

    Why is it that 25 years in in the driving engine is worse than it’s ever been gt6 was awesome perfect improvement from 5 but now you have to change the tuning system their are a 1/4 of the cars the game the game is undriveable i run 6.30s at the ring in 400 pp all day i cant finish one lap with out spinning out in any car i want my money back this game is trash

  8. Pablo Rodriguez Avatar
    Pablo Rodriguez

    I have a Thrustmaster t80 and cant figure out how to use it with this game. Got Grand Turismo7 yesterday, please help

  9. Roy melton Avatar
    Roy melton

    I have completed all the licences and got to level 10 on collector and it hasn’t saved it I am now back at level 5 and only have b licence what a joke wasted 3 hrs for what

  10. Gt 7 dont work,access just garage,used cars and coffe shop,please fix this,cant play the game!

    1. Bro same here. It’s glitched for me too Avatar
      Bro same here. It’s glitched for me too

      I hate the fact that my progress didn’t get saved either

      1. Justin Avatar

        Sony, GT7 destroyed my PS4 Pro, I had no trouble before installing it and hardly have any games on PS4. I only play two games. I’ve tried to clean all corrupted data from the system but it keeps happening and I’ve had to initialize it. It’s still fucking doing it. GT7 wrecked my PS4.

  11. I ordered Gran Turismo 25th anniversary and only received the money and one car….. this is crazy I feel ripped off should of just played forza motor sports instead of buying this

    1. I’m having the same issue…. Please give me the shit I paid for

    2. Same man! I’m tired of this game Avatar
      Same man! I’m tired of this game

      I hate the fact that my progress didn’t get saved either

  12. Blake Campbell Avatar
    Blake Campbell

    Multiple times at the end of a championship in the last race I’ll finish first, then it’ll freeze and re set the whole championship. A real piss off

  13. Please award credits for lobby racing. Even though lobbies are terrible right now. I like the single player stuff but I can’t stand grinding single player races over and over. I’d rather grind lobbies for credits like in GT sport. It just makes no sense not to add credits to lobby rewards. It will force me to a different game!

  14. This game is GARBAGE.
    START all races, Iast. No qualifying?!
    I want a full refund.

  15. Alex Mackenzie Avatar
    Alex Mackenzie

    I have a weird occurrence in photo mode…

    Where do I report things like this?

  16. Ian Jones Avatar
    Ian Jones

    Bought this for 1v1 racing as per the old GT. After hours of qualifying you finally get to play split screen and what a joke the screens are tiny not even %50 of the entire screen??? Yet you could do this 10 years ago no problem. What a load of crap!! I will be getting a refund tomorrow.

  17. Solomon Amoon Avatar
    Solomon Amoon

    So here’s what my problem is. The game didn’t save my data. Then it wiped me all complete progress and forced me to start new. Then basically. All my menu book progress came back. But except the problem is. I’m currently at menu Book 24. I don’t have GT Auto, Multiplayer and tracks like Nurburgring open. This game is really stressing me out like why is this game so buggy. Please help. Anyone facing the same issue ? Please reply back I wanna know if I’m the only one here facing this issue.

  18. Fan od pierwszej części Avatar
    Fan od pierwszej części

    Gowno w huj. Szkoda kasy

  19. Fan od pierwszej części Avatar
    Fan od pierwszej części

    Chce odzyskać pieniądze

  20. Its simple everyone._.Gran turismo 7 is a very disappointing game._took 9 days to complete all the tasks._not alot of game for the money…Just wanted yall to hear this._if you dont like the game and dont want to waste years waiting for them to fix all these problems._you can really get their attention by selling them back this game._mine came with 90 day back guarantee._.If They have to buy back 2,000,000 or possibly more._.Maybe then play station will start listening._you want to make a difference sell the game back to play station._quit crying and make a real difference._.

  21. Gt7 is trash because of no booting Avatar
    Gt7 is trash because of no booting


  22. Bobby kennedy Avatar
    Bobby kennedy

    Well that really sucks I was looking forward to this game sport was a joke played this GT for 20 years I’m not gonna sit there and waste five years trying to collect $18 million for a car that’s only gonna be there for a few months good job!!!!! realism is good but now you’re just taking it too far and using it as a excuse to get more money out of all of us so until you fix your bullshit I for one won’t be playing your shit so congratulations on finally pissing me off none of these cars should be more than $5 million. It’s a game man you little bastard pull your head out of your ass I don’t know what the fuck made you think this was a good idea I spent $90 on a half a game great job people lazy fuck probably won’t be buying your games again especially if you don’t fix this horseshit so thanks for taking that away from me another game down the drain because of lazy people I mean seriously how hard is it to sit there and make a game it can’t be that hard

    1. Teresa Rizzo Avatar
      Teresa Rizzo

      Well said 😊

  23. Patrick Avatar

    GT7 disappoints me!
    I was really looking forward to GT7, but there are that much bugs in that game and I really cannot understand, why a game in this state is rolled out!

    One example:
    Last weekend I trained a lot for the first Manufacturer Cup Race today on Deep Forest. I spent several hours. I participated in the 18:00 CET race and due to a bug? we were waiting in the garage when qualifying should start. All of us had to wait for 5 minutes and all of a sudden, the quali started, but only 1.5 minutes left!!! So that was 1 round for quali! Ok, we did this one round and after that, the results list has been displayed and the game again suspended! After 10 minutes of waiting I quited the game without racing.
    That was my only timeslot for today since I‘m now going to soccer training in the „real world“!
    I really hope that all the bugs can be fixed in due time, otherwise I will deinstall it!
    All the best,

  24. Christian ambler Avatar
    Christian ambler

    Ich kaufe nie Spiele gleich nach Release ausser gt(ist/war mir das Geld wert).
    Da spiele ich so dahin und auf einmal kommt der Abspann. Was soll das? Wo sind die Ausdauer-,gt1-, Formel 1- und Markenrennen? Wo ist die Strecke Cote de Azur? Anstatt die gamer mit dirtstrecken zu nerven hätte man da was machen können. Das belohnungssystem ist voll daneben. Warum sollte ich da drift-oder ausdauerrennen fahren wenn ich kaum was dafür bekomme ? Das Spiel ist echt schön geworden aber ihr solltet euch h an gt4 orientieren, da habt ihr alles richtig gemacht! Insgesamt eine riesen Enttäuschung!!! Nach 3 Tagen durch. Ich hoffe das ihr schnell nachbessert. Driveclub sah auf ps4 fast besser aus.

  25. Donald Zimmerle Avatar
    Donald Zimmerle

    After the big update the game lost all my progress so I had to start over. I tried to download my saves data and got some stuff back but my progress is all screwed up so I have my cars but I can’t complete the races because the races aren’t available.
    So I reset the game and deleted all my data online and on the console and started over again. The same thing happened. So started again deleting data so it can’t Screw me again. And it did it again!!!
    I’m not a happy camper. The game was fun the first time through. The second time it was fun but tedious . The third time through was like a job and now it did it again. I think I’m done but I’m now out the money I spent for a pretty piece of crap!

  26. Was ist denn jetzt mit dem Spiel GT Sport los, seid das GT 7 raus ist, gibt es keine neue Rennen mehr bei GT SPORT….BITTE UM INFOS

  27. Erik Schmerer Avatar
    Erik Schmerer

    I’m not playing this game anymore until they get the steering problems fixed.

  28. With grand tourisno super license S7I cannot get past it I can’t get through the course how do I do it please help help

  29. Angry. Player Avatar
    Angry. Player

    To many errors to mention, should have got grid legends

  30. Barry Avatar

    In mission the AI on ps5 are slower then they are on ps4. On one race the AI are doing 1:57 to 1:56
    on ps4 on ps5 they do 1:58. I’ve noticed this on a lot of the game. I’ve played gt5, gt6 an sport the games keeps getting worse and worse.

  31. Shawn Avatar

    … u can call it daily race ever week or everyday it going to be gr 3 gr4 or some bull shit cart race no other Exist

  32. Michael Avatar

    Your “roulette” is a joke – i did it a hundred times and i received always the lowest money-amount. And i cant believe, that – again – the players are not able to sell their cars. This is sad, because you are steeling a lot of fun with that. This is just sooo greedy. After playing 5 weeks, the game is now deinstalled again and because i got the feeling, you dont care at all about your customers anymore and its only about the money, this was the last GT I bought. So fuc…. greedy.

  33. Daldon Avatar

    Well sad to say this!! I have every GT game and this will be the last I buy(GT 7) Fucking joke!!! Basically stole 100.00 from a lot of people!!! The tuning is rigged and the roulette wheel is a disgrace!! Could have been the best GT yet!!! I’ll never play it again!!! I’ll never spend any money on another game of there’s period!!! Bravo fucking greedy bastards!!! The game in general is a joke!!! Wasted to much time on it already!!! You can buy the same car twice tune one and spend thousands upgrading its performance and the one you did nothing to walks off and leaves the one you tuned and upgraded!!!! The game is a disgrace!!! Hopefully this will be the end of grantourismo!!! Really loved the franchise but they like all the others forget about those of us that spent our time and money on their shit!!!

  34. I’m absolutely done with this game!!! Forr the past 2 weeks or 14 days in a ROW!!!!! I have recieved the smallest and smallest rewards from the gift rolls! Weeks ago the rolls were alot better but now It’s literally been 14 days in a row I have received the smalles amount of money/ reward offer in the gift table. This is the one thing that keeps me playing in hopes to get new engines/mods… $5000 a day is NOT going to keep me playing this game!!! It’s very frustrating when a company only cares about money and making the customers pay money for in game credits because they can’t get good rewards from the gift table daily!! As of today I am officially done playing this game. You lost me as a customer.

  35. Dominik Dieckmann Avatar
    Dominik Dieckmann

    Your uptade is trash 20 Gigabyte

  36. Neil Cumming Avatar
    Neil Cumming

    I can’t even play this piece of shit, it won’t let me load the game. The developers are a bunch of arsholes. The game is rigged to steal from everyone, also why the f**k is it online only, its only a racing game for f-sake. All you people at PS studios and polyphony digital are a waste of space. If I can’t get a refund for my disc version, I will be taking legal action against you. And I’m not joking.

  37. Roger Bishop Avatar
    Roger Bishop

    There is a bug when tuning U.S. muscle cars.
    Add weight, sometimes pp goes up, sometimes down
    Reduce power, sometimes pp goes up, sometimes down.

  38. powofchee Avatar

    The penalty system in SPORT mode is a failure. The most unfair system I’ve ever seen in a game. You screwed up and you can’t fix it. A lot of toxic players who make the game miserable plus unfair penalties mean that you can only play online with friends. It is not worth writing about the prizes for the daily marathon and the inability to sell the car. You fucked up.

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