How to Contact MLB The Show 22 Customer Support

After a long wait, MLB The Show 22 is finally out and it is delivering on the hype that it promised. A new year means a new MLB game but it also means that new bugs are introduced into the mix. While the game is mostly well optimized, players are already reporting various issues with the game. That is why we will show you how to contact customer support for MLB The Show 22.

This game is the only franchise that caters to the die-hard fans of baseball but if you are facing issues with the game, contacting customer support is your best bet. Before proceeding ahead, you might also want to look up through the list of known issues for The Show 22. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how to contact customer support for MLB The Show 22.

Contact MLB The Show 22 Customer Support (Sony San Diego)

We’ve jotted down some official methodologies that you can take advantage of to contact customer support in MLB The Show 22:

San Diego Studio’s Support

How to Contact Customer Support for MLB The Show 22

Visit the publisher’s support site for San Diego Studio and get help on all their games specifically MLB The Show 22 in this case. Here you can view all the frequently asked questions for those generic issues but if you are stuck with something intense then click the Submit A Request button to elaborate on your issues. Here you have to fill in your necessary personal and platform details, along with the actual problem in depth.

MLB The Show 22 Subreddit

How to Contact Customer Support for MLB The Show 22

Sometimes the community will be your only aid. In those cases, The MLB The Show 22 subreddit is your best aid. You can either scroll through the posts and find your relevant issue or simply create your own post yourself. The community is extremely helpful and they will certainly help you out.

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Social Media Support

How to Contact Customer Support for MLB The Show 22

The best way to get a developer’s attention is to contact them on Twitter. You can tweet out your problem and tag them so they can see your issue. Once they see your tweet, they will reply to you and address whatever problem you are facing.

PlayStation Support

If you are not getting a response from the other sources mentioned above, you can always contact PlayStation support. Since MLB was a PlayStation-only game for a long time, they respond to customer complaints quickly. Contacting them here alongside the previous methods will surely get you the desired results.

Nintendo Support

How to Contact Customer Support for MLB The Show 22

If you have the game on your Nintendo Switch, then you’ll also want to contact the Nintendo support for MLB The Show 22. You can either submit a ticket for your relevant issue or contact them via chat, text message, or phone call. Nintendo always helps out their customers so make sure that you get in touch with them.

Xbox Customer Support

How to Contact Customer Support for MLB The Show 22

Similar to Nintendo, if you’ve bought the game on Xbox, you might want to contact Xbox customer support if you’re facing any issues with the game. There are some Xbox-specific issues that some players have reported so contacting their support might be your best bet.

Contact Support via Email

If you want to contact customer support via email, you can always send them a message over at [email protected]. They are quick to respond so you’ll certainly get a reply soon. Alternatively, you can also give a quick phone call at 866-800-1275. However, this number is related to MLB the organization, and not specifically the game.

How to Report Someone in MLB The Show 22?

If you are facing problems with a specific player and want to report them, you can either use one of the methods aforementioned or send an email to [email protected] and give them the appropriate details. Make sure that you include a screenshot of the problem and add the user’s ID name and other relevant details as well.

Before doing any of that though, you should ensure that the player has broken the Code of Conduct for MLB The Show 22. If they haven’t then your report will not be entertained.

That’s everything you needed to know to contact support for MLB The Show 22. We hope you end up getting whatever issue you had resolved! Let us know in the comments below what issue you are facing and did you manage to fix it yet or not.

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  1. Your game sucks. Good pci and good timing is a pop out but terrible pci and good timing is a home run? This game is the worst baseball game I’ve ever played.

  2. This stupid ducking game with your stupid fuvking xp cap in rtts is complete and utterly fucking retarted tell the person who made the show to kill himself

  3. I got mlb the show 22 on my new psn account I never played mlb on that account bc I didn’t have play station plus so I switched users and played on my old account which had PlayStation plus I would always play on my old account but I never had the game I only had the game on my new account so today I logged into my old account to play and I see the game is locked and I press it and it says this content cannot be used only by the following users who have a license for it. But this is my question if I never had licensed for it in my old account why did it let me play mlb the show on it ? And now I lost everything and I have to start all over is there a way I can get my stuff back ? Or is there a way to fix the problem ?

  4. Fix your game. Bottom 9th perfect perfect line out to end the game. Doesn’t make sense. And when I’m pitching my pitches don’t even go to where u out them. Honestly the worst game I’ve ever played wasted too much money on it. It’s plan to win and it’s absolutely terrible.

  5. The automatic baserunning is ridicules. Hit a single to the outfield and often times that runner on first stays on the base then gets thrown out at second base while the player who hit the ball goes to first Just one stupid example. How about a player diving back to second base on a line drive single to left field? Fix it

  6. Hi my name is Gregory Brooks and I just want to know if is it possible to give the pirates yellow pants and also update their black pants and yellow jersey. Also, can your update Oriole’s black pants and give them some orange pants as well for mob the show 2023 game, please?

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