MLB The Show 22 Bugs, Known Issues and Workarounds

MLB The Show 22 just released and players are extremely excited to play it. While the overall game is well optimized, there still are some bugs that are present in the game which can be quite frustrating to deal with. With that said, we’ve included the full list of MLB The Show 22 known issues, bugs, and their known workarounds for you.

As of yet, there seem to be no fixes for these particular issues from the developers themselves. However, as you’ll be able to see down below, some workarounds have already been released by keen fans. If you want to find them out yourself, take a look at the known bugs and issues for MLB The Show 22 down below.

MLB The Show 22 Known Issues and Workarounds

Here is a list of all the MLB The Show 22 known issues and bugs, revealed by the player community, as of updated on April 13, 2022. If you are facing an issue other than the following ones, please let us know in the comments down below, and we will check if we can find you a workaround.

For major bugs that that do not let you play MLB The Show 22, you can also contact Sony Support to find out a solution.

April 13, Game Update 3: Patch 1.03 was just released earlier today to fix a long list of bugs in almost very game mode.

Players Are Losing Their Marketplace Purchases

Many players are reporting that their marketplace purchases are not appearing in their inventories. The worst part is that these purchases are done by spending real money and after you’ve purchased them, they will disappear from your inventory all of a sudden.

The devs have taken note of this issue and even did small server maintenance to fix it. It should be fixed now but if you are still facing it, make sure that you update your game to the latest version.

Diamond Dynasty Overlay Issues

While opening the Diamond Dynasty packs, some players have reported that they cannot proceed as an empty overlay blocks their choices. The exact reason for this bug isn’t known yet but it is likely that it occurs if the player isn’t connected to the servers of the game.

To temporarily fix this, you should close the game entirely and start it again. The issue should be fixed but there is no guarantee that it will remain fixed.

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Mini Season Games Not Counting

This is another issue that is known by the developers but isn’t necessarily fixed yet. If you win a game in the mini-season, it will either not count or show as a loss. This is obviously a bad thing as you will not get rewards from winning the games. However, the devs have taken note of this bug and are working hard to fix it. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be any fix for it.

Cannot Access Mini Seasons

There seems to be another problem with the mini-season game mode as some players have stated that they cannot access the mode. It gives them a server error and does not let them proceed. The developers have not said anything related to this yet but we are certain that they will fix it in an upcoming patch. Till then, we suggest restarting the game or your internet connection just to be sure.

These are some of the most common issues currently occurring in MLB The Show 22. As mentioned earlier, we’ll be updating this post as soon as we get our hands on more reports! We would appreciate it if you helped us expand this post by mentioning the issue that you are facing in the comments below.

MLB The Show 22 is now out for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. I’ve noticed two things mostly, one pretty major and the other just a QoL issue.
    First, my two-way player, a SP and LF, is not accruing FoTF points towards missions. That player only accrues points when the DH or LF.
    Secondly, the ticker in Franchise mode has trades listed incorrectly, with the players and teams swapped.

  2. LOL It’s the VERY SAME ISSUES that plagued the last POJ game with the servers. How you going to fix what you didn’t bother to fix on the last busted POJ you released? Seriously, when does this BS become fraud, period

  3. I created a new player (SS). When i went back to my first created player (RF) i was missing the perks for the loadout. I had gold main perks (slickster) and it when back down to bronze.

  4. I started over with a second create player, and the progress programs are not working. Seems like im stuck with the main perk as a bronze perk? Idk what to do other then deleting everything and starting over by scratch!

  5. Getting a weird visual bug now after the patch, white diamond, squares, appearing on players faces in franchise mode, they look like mocap markers..

  6. I have a bug I experience on ps5 where sometimes my matches won’t count after the game ends or the opponent quits. It has happened to me in ranked seasons battle royal and the events multiple times. After the game it skips past the part where it would show how much rating you gained, a message would then pop up saying; game summary not found. Note: if your game ended due to a friendly quit it will be discarded. But this will pop up after a game ends not from a friendly quit. It the first year I have experienced this problem but it has happened all year so far

  7. I own a xbox series and play mlb the show 22. Been playing math or two and yesterday my xp reads 0. And can’t gain anymore xp always reads 0 even after re installing, quitting the game and restarting. I want the extras that I gain with xp as its nice to receive items when you progress. Otherwise I will just delete and play another game

  8. Game has a lot of issues from past games, one is what is up with the pump fake throws really cost me a lot of runs playing against my friend most frustrating too. Second announcer’s have glitches too on their commentary. Third drops basic fly balls .

  9. My created player in rtts got uncreated after one season. Also, my goal of being a two way player disappeared after said season. Thirdly, now that I’m in the majors, every game is played at Dodger stadium and the Rosters all use legacy players, which I never chose to do

  10. Why the fuck can I not receive my xp when playing any game mode on the shit it’s pissing me off it’s going on 2 straight days now, either learn how to fix the fucking game or I’ll stop buying this game

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