Cranked Mode in COD Mobile | Overview and Tips

Cranked is the newest game mode being released in COD Mobile for the Season 11 Anniversary Update. It builds on the previous “Cranked” game modes found in the console and PC Black Ops series and almost uses the same principles. The game mode usually appeared for limited times in most Call of Duty games. However, it seems like this time it will be a permanent addition to COD Mobile. Today, we give you an overview alongside all tips and tricks you can use to win in this game mode.

The Cranked mode is extremely high-paced where each player gets a “Cranked” bonus when they earn a kill. The bonus can be extended by killing more players and chaining the bonus. Failing to get a kill leads to the player exploding and dying.

Cranked Game Mode – Overview

Cranked Gamemode Overview

When you spawn at the start of the game (or after dying,) the player has their usual base stats. However, if they kill someone, they are immediately granted the “Cranked” bonus which provides them with faster movement speed, reload, and ADS. This means that you have an inherent advantage over other players. However, this comes with a caveat; you must kill someone else in 20 seconds or you will explode and die ultimately losing the bonus.

Note: This game mode is only available for the following maps: Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Cage, Rust and Shipment.

To excel in this game mode, players must chain kills. In order to do so, players must keep killing others in the span of those 20 seconds so they can keep getting the Cranked bonus and can take advantage of their buffed up stats. Now that you have understood the game, let’s discuss a few tips you can use to get better.

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Cranked – Tips and Tricks

Cranked Gamemode Tips and Tricks

These are the tips that we have tested here at BRGeeks that have helped us win many Cranked games in the few hours we got to test it out!

Equip “One Shot” Weapons

This game mode relies solely on the player getting the kill for the Cranked bonus. Therefore, we recommend going for snipers or heavy-duty assault rifles as they get deadlier especially when you start chaining multiple Cranked bonuses.

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Do Not Camp

Camping is the worst thing you can do in these fast-paced game modes. As you only have 20 seconds before you explode and die; we recommend moving around the map and taking full advantage of your cranked bonus.

Don’t Be Afraid To Die!

Often players are so afraid of running in and dying causing them to lose their ranked bonus that they waste time trying to play extremely safe and end up exploding and losing their bonus anyways. It is an arcadey game mode. Safe to say, have fun! You’ll get your Cranked bonus when you kill someone after you die. So, don’t worry about it too much.

The Cranked game mode will be available for everyone to enjoy once the update officially rolls out for everyone. In the meanwhile, enjoy this game play by YouTuber Altaf Ahmed.

YouTube video
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